Kawung batik print set

Kawung print set
Several months ago I was contacted by Contrado about their new fabric printing service. It was actually the first time I heard about this company. When I checked out their website, I was impressed with the number of fabric options available. They have 80 options of fabrics from canvas, jersey, even scuba and waterproof ripstop!

Then I had to decide what I want to make. A summer dress? A raincoat? Canvas bags? I was a bit overwhelmed. If you want to order from Contrado, I really recommend to order their swatch pack first to have a feel at their full range of fabric. If deciding on what kind of fabric from so many options is not hard enough, the fabric design part is definitely challenging!
Batik print

I have always wanted to make lingerie with Indonesian batik print, however it is not easy to find suitable lingerie fabric with this kind of print. I have an Indonesian batik fabric from my stash that is perfect because it has several different motifs on it that I can choose from. I decided on one motif called ‘kawung’, a four lobed stylised flower based on palm blossom. There are many symbolical meanings behind this motif which is a very interesting topic on itself, but for now let’s just say that I like it for its simplicity.

What I did was scanning the motif first, then traced it on Illustrator so it can be manipulated as a vector image. The most important part is transforming the motif so it can be tiled to cover bigger area. I suggest to make several print samples to see if your tiled image match perfectly. Then I exported the image back to jpg format and uploaded it to Contrado.
Print and original batik fabric

The shipping was surprisingly fast, considering that it was sent all the way from UK to Japan. Here you can see the original batik fabric on the bottom with power net on the left and Lycra sheen on the right.
Power net kawung print Lycra sheen kawung print
The quality is very good! I often find printed Lycra that doesn’t look too good when the fabric is stretched, with white colour of the base fabric peeking between the weave. The one from Contrado has a bit of that but only if it is stretched too much. But stretched considerably, it is still look good.

The Lycra sheen is not satin shiny, but has a lovely sheen over it. Contrado also has Lycra matt and heavier Lycra that can be used for swimwear. The Florence power net is very lightweight and suitable for make mesh panties. When used as bra band, it needs reinforcement underneath. I simply used beige power net.
Kawung print set Kawung print set
The bra pattern is Boylston bra by Orange Lingerie with several of my favorite alterations:

  • narrowed the centre piece because I have very little space between breasts
  • very narrow cradle
  • changed the center front to gothic arch
  • added back strap extension
  • padded bra straps

Kawung print set
Kawung print set

The foam lining and band elastic were sent by Tailor Shop Made. I find out that I prefer wide elastic for the band as it is gives more stability. The turquoise elastics are from my stash and unfortunately is not very good as it stretches a bit too much.

Kawung print set Kawung print set

Both the panties pattern are new releases from Ohhh LuluJustine cut-out and Kelly hi-cut. The Justine uses lycra and power net while the Kelly is made entirely in power net. I shortened both pattern about 1 cm across the hip. Both are very attractive patterns.
Kawung print set Kawung print set
Kawung print set Kawung print set

And here’s the bra on me!

BWfront BWback

I still have Lycra and powernet from Contrado in different motifs that I am planning to make into different bra. More posts soon!



Disclosure: Fabrics, foam lining, and band elastic are sent to me for review. The views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

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