Colorful dotty set

Colorful dotty bra set

After my initial failure with my previous bra, I decided to make the pattern again with simpler design. The black ribbons of my intial design are interesting but I will use other pattern with them.

So here is makeBra #DL05 in colordul dotty lycra fabric! I also made more alterations to the cups because this pattern is one cup size smaller than what I usually wear. I raised the center front bridge of the previous bra, but I kept the original one on this one. The plunging neckline is quite attractive in my opinion. So instead of adding to the top of the cups, I made the lower cups deeper to fit me.

Colorful dotty bra set Colorful dotty bra set

I love that #DL05 has the bridge and wing in the same pattern pieces as the cups. To emphasize this, I only stitched the underwire channels to the foam lining. The outer fabric layer has no stitchings on them. The bra can also be used strapless as I used detachable straps on them.

Colorful dotty bra set Colorful dotty bra set

The panties pattern is Lola panties by Ohhh Lulu. These are boyshort style panties with center back seam. The pattern only require elastic on the waist, the legs are finished using three step zigzag stitch.

Colorful dotty bra set Colorful dotty bra set

Colorful dotty bra set Colorful dotty bra set

I’m quite happy with the final result! My husband said that they look like swimwear, especially the panties. I guess I can use them as swimwear if I’m confident enough to show my bum. Anyway, my favorite thing is the movement of the rows of dots around the cup seam! Colorful dotty bra set

Bra pattern is makeBra #DL05 (PDF) size 65C altered to 65D.
Panties pattern is Lola panties by Ohhh Lulu, size S

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  • Very cute!

  • Jen

    Cute! And it would be a nice swimsuit too!

  • houseofpinheiro

    Those are so cute, all your bra sets are adorable.. so inspirational.

  • This is just gorgeous! So fun and colorful, not to mention beautifully made! If I am ever brave enough to try sewing underwear the ones you make will the inspiration!

  • Angela W.

    Where did you find this fabric? It’s fantastic.

    • I bought it in Okadaya store in Shinjuku.

  • I love this! You always make the best lingerie, and this print is really unusual and cool. I particularly like how you manipulated the dots on the bra, it’s a great effect!