Little black dress

Little black dress

This black stretchy lace fabric had been in my stash for a while, and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Yesterday I suddenly got an idea and proceeded to make it.

This dress is actually very simple. I traced the top part from a T-shirt, and that’s the only part of the dress that used some kind of patterns. The cape/sleeves is just a long rectangle, about as long as the cut I had (about 2 meters), then I gathered one long side and sew it to the neckline of the dress. The other long side is fabric selvedge so I didn’t need to stitch it. The bottom part of the dress is a bigger rectangle sewed into a tube and gathered to meet the top part. And since the fabric is stretchy, I don’t need any zippers or fastening. Well, that’s about it.

Now we move to the fun part, wearing it! I’m so happy that this dress can be worn in several ways. I can let the cape down and have some kind of drapey sleeves, or put it back to have a sleeveless dress with gathered cape falling on my back. The cape can also be tied or put around my head. I love my little black dress!

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  • Anonymous

    What a fabulous dress. I love the design, the cape is an absolutely ingenious addition. Loving the tights too!

  • Satoko

    Super cute!!

  • Berry

    This dress is awesome ! I love the color combo with your tights.

  • fraisedesbois

    WOW! Fabulous dress!!!!! I LOVE IT. I also love the blue turquoise tights and the golden belt go so well with the dress.
    You are so resourceful. Your designs are original, elegant and timeless.

  • Frida

    I love versatile clothes like that, you’re so clever! Do I have to say that it’s beautiful too?