Duff’s clothes

Dog clothes

Dog clothes for small dogs

Dog clothes are probably not something necessary, except maybe in cold weather. But I’ve got to admit that dog in clothes are probably one of the cutest things in the world. At first, I just tried my hand on recycling Sidra’s old T-shirts into Duff’s t-shirt using this free pattern from Free Dog Clothes Pattern blog. They were finished crudely so I won’t post them here.

But then I found this: MillaMilla, an online dog PDF pattern shop that features the cutest and most adorable dogwear, and suddenly I have a new hobby. MillaMilla offers several free pattern that can be downloaded here. Right now they have a tanktop and hood pattern, but more free patterns will be added soon. This online shop is actually a Japanese pattern shop that has recently developed its English site. The Japanese site features more cute patterns and even a pattern book! They also have an etsy shop.

I ordered the book and it is delivered in just a couple of days. The book features patterns for small-sized dogs only (chihuahua to poodles and slightly differently drafted pattern for small dachshund), but the website has bigger sizes. There are 45 different variations of  tank top, T-shirt, raglan sleeves T-shirt, camisoles, shirt, coat, bandana, and belly band patterns in this book. As usual with Japanese pattern books, there are no seam allowances but the drawings show how much and where to add the allowances.

Dog clothes Dog clothes

It is a great thing that I can recycle old clothes to make new ones for Duff! The blue tank top is recycled from an old T-shirt. The beetle patch is from Sidra’s shirt that I made five years ago. The shirt is torn in places, I saved the patch and applied heat and bond iron on adhesive. I use size DS (Dachshund small) for this t-shirt, it is a bit too fitted but still okay.

Dog clothes Dog clothes

The camouflage pattern T-shirt is from another t-shirt that I made for Sidra a couple of years ago. This time I use MillaMilla free tank top pattern in  size DM (Dachshund medium). You can see that it has more ease than the blue one.

Dog clothes Dog clothes

Here’s a striped hoodie, recycled from a top I made two years ago. I think he looks like a seal in the first picture!

Dog clothes Dog clothes

This one might be totally unnecessary. A dog wearing a shirt in woven fabric? Also, a batik shirt? It is sort of Indonesian personal joke, as batik shirt is considered a formal wear for Indonesian men. The batik fabric was once a part of Sidra’s Javanese costume that he wore for a photoshoot for Sesame, a kids’ fashion magazine. I think Duff looks pretty comfortable in it!

Pattern is from MillaMilla: free tank top pattern, Dog clothes for small dogs pattern book.

Duff loves his cardboard house
Duff loves his cardboard house

It has only been three weeks since Duff came, but it sure feels like a long time! He has learned several commands like sit, stay, and down. He still doesn’t like to play with toys, but Sidra made him a cardboard house and Duff really loves it! He can spend quite a long time in it, digging on the bottom or ripping the wall.

He sleeps on his bed in our bedroom at night, and sometimes in the morning he would crawl inside my blanket to sleep. It is so cute. He loves following me, sometimes when we came home, he ignores my husband and Sidra and goes greeting me first. I think I’ve grown quite attached to this little guy.

Now for the bittersweet part. Duff is sweet and cute so it is no wonder that he has found a loving family already. He will leave this week on the 21st to meet them, along with his bed and clothes. He really likes the bed that I made for him, so it is better if he can take it to his new home. I will surely miss him, but it is part of being a foster parent. Congratulations Duff and good luck on the new journey in your life!

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