Goodbye Duff

Duff and us

We said goodbye to Duff last week. He is one of the sweeyest dog I’ve ever known and I hope he will be happy for the rest of his life. The house feels a bit empty now that he’s gone. It is amazing how such a little creature can bring so many colors into one’s life.

Sidra said that he misses how Duff always asked for a belly rub. But he also said that for now he didn’t want a permanent pet anymore, he would love that we continue fostering and get to know more dogs. Saying goodbye each time is indeed heartbreaking but it is also a happy moment.





Fruits print jersey dress (Vogue 1351)

Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351) Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351)

I actually finished this dress almost two weeks ago and have been wearing it almost everyday since then. It is made of jersey and extremely comfortable in spite of the dressy look. It is basically a long tank top!

The pattern is Vogue 1351 by DKNY. From the pattern envelope: Lined, pullover dress has draped front neckline, closing-fitting, bias front bodice and skirt, and invisible side zipper.

The pattern calls for bias front bodice and skirt, but my jersey fabric has this delightful fruits print that goes in one direction. Since the fabric is stretchy, I didn’t cut on bias and omitted the zipper. I cut size 6 and didn’t make too many alteration except for shortening the bodice and skirt. The dress is not too fitted around the waist so it is quite comfortable.

Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351) Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351)

I love that the bodice is lined so the cowl stays where it is supposed to be. I left the skirt unlined, but then I noticed that it is a bit clingy. I might add skirt lining later or maybe just wear a slip underneath. I’m declaring that this is my official summer dress this year!

Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351)  Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351)

Pattern is Vogue 1351 size 6.

Duff’s clothes

Dog clothes

Dog clothes for small dogs

Dog clothes are probably not something necessary, except maybe in cold weather. But I’ve got to admit that dog in clothes are probably one of the cutest things in the world. At first, I just tried my hand on recycling Sidra’s old T-shirts into Duff’s t-shirt using this free pattern from Free Dog Clothes Pattern blog. They were finished crudely so I won’t post them here.

But then I found this: MillaMilla, an online dog PDF pattern shop that features the cutest and most adorable dogwear, and suddenly I have a new hobby. MillaMilla offers several free pattern that can be downloaded here. Right now they have a tanktop and hood pattern, but more free patterns will be added soon. This online shop is actually a Japanese pattern shop that has recently developed its English site. The Japanese site features more cute patterns and even a pattern book! They also have an etsy shop.

I ordered the book and it is delivered in just a couple of days. The book features patterns for small-sized dogs only (chihuahua to poodles and slightly differently drafted pattern for small dachshund), but the website has bigger sizes. There are 45 different variations of  tank top, T-shirt, raglan sleeves T-shirt, camisoles, shirt, coat, bandana, and belly band patterns in this book. As usual with Japanese pattern books, there are no seam allowances but the drawings show how much and where to add the allowances.

Dog clothes Dog clothes

It is a great thing that I can recycle old clothes to make new ones for Duff! The blue tank top is recycled from an old T-shirt. The beetle patch is from Sidra’s shirt that I made five years ago. The shirt is torn in places, I saved the patch and applied heat and bond iron on adhesive. I use size DS (Dachshund small) for this t-shirt, it is a bit too fitted but still okay.

Dog clothes Dog clothes

The camouflage pattern T-shirt is from another t-shirt that I made for Sidra a couple of years ago. This time I use MillaMilla free tank top pattern in  size DM (Dachshund medium). You can see that it has more ease than the blue one.

Dog clothes Dog clothes

Here’s a striped hoodie, recycled from a top I made two years ago. I think he looks like a seal in the first picture!

Dog clothes Dog clothes

This one might be totally unnecessary. A dog wearing a shirt in woven fabric? Also, a batik shirt? It is sort of Indonesian personal joke, as batik shirt is considered a formal wear for Indonesian men. The batik fabric was once a part of Sidra’s Javanese costume that he wore for a photoshoot for Sesame, a kids’ fashion magazine. I think Duff looks pretty comfortable in it!

Pattern is from MillaMilla: free tank top pattern, Dog clothes for small dogs pattern book.

Duff loves his cardboard house

Duff loves his cardboard house

It has only been three weeks since Duff came, but it sure feels like a long time! He has learned several commands like sit, stay, and down. He still doesn’t like to play with toys, but Sidra made him a cardboard house and Duff really loves it! He can spend quite a long time in it, digging on the bottom or ripping the wall.

He sleeps on his bed in our bedroom at night, and sometimes in the morning he would crawl inside my blanket to sleep. It is so cute. He loves following me, sometimes when we came home, he ignores my husband and Sidra and goes greeting me first. I think I’ve grown quite attached to this little guy.

Now for the bittersweet part. Duff is sweet and cute so it is no wonder that he has found a loving family already. He will leave this week on the 21st to meet them, along with his bed and clothes. He really likes the bed that I made for him, so it is better if he can take it to his new home. I will surely miss him, but it is part of being a foster parent. Congratulations Duff and good luck on the new journey in your life!

Dog bed

This is for me??? Really??

As Monte has destroyed the big pillow that he used as his bed, I thought that I would make a proper dog bed for Duff. Yes I could have bought it, but where’s the fun of it?

After searching for some DIY dog bed on the internet, I found one via Pinterest that I quite like. Unfortunately the Pinterest link only pointed to the image with no explanation of the original creator. The watermark shows a username on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service. If you are the owner of the image, or you know who owns the image, please tell me so I can give a proper credit. This is the image.

The idea of the dog bed is quite simple but clever. Everything is in one piece, you only need to shape them by stitching some lines across. The walls are then connected to each other using ribbon ties. Of course this bed is more suitable for calmer dog like Duff. I use cotton/linen mix from my stash, it is an interior weight fabric with checks pattern. Duff seems to like it as he has already lied down on it when I was cutting on the floor. I recycled the fibrefill from Monte’s pillow for the bed’s walls.

Dog bed Dog bed

With walls up

The pillow form was made from Monte’s old pillow form fabric, filled with leftover fibrefill and cut-up fabric scraps. The case is just some old pillow case lying around. Maybe I should have made a matching pillow case, but the fabric of this pillow case is very comfortable and Duff loves it.

Dog bed

Pillow added

Dog bed

Dog bed

Dog bed

Now I will show you how to use the bed.

Dog bed

You can use it like this.

Dog bed

You can also use it like this.

Dog bed

Thank you for looking at my bed.

Duff’s pillow

The red pillow is from his previous foster parent. It is made from quilted fabric with his name appliqued on it. Except for the smell, the pillow is still in perfect condition! No bite marks and all. I think it is so adorable that he has his own pillow.

Duff is such a sweet boy! He doesn’t bite, doesn’t chew on things, does his business on the right place (except for several times when he couldn’t differentiate tatami floor with grass). He sleeps on his bed in our bedroom at night and doesn’t have to be crated.

The thing is, he doesn’t know how to play. Maybe he didn’t have toys when he was living with his previous owner. Isn’t that sad, a dog who doesn’t know how to play? I threw him a ball, he looked at the ball and looked back at me excitedly, as if he knows that I want him to do something but he just couldn’t figure it out.

I gave him a chew toy (with tasty bacon flavor!) but he just sniffed it and then looked at me. This morning I gave him a food dispenser toy, he was preoccupied for sometime but stopped when the treats were all gone.

So he usually just follows me everywhere, sitting around me and staring at me with his adorable eyes. It is cute of course, but I hope he will be able to enjoy playing with toys someday!

Goodbye Monte and Hello Duff!

Last weekend, we went to ARK adoption event at Dogsign store in Jingumae to see Monte off. It was indeed a bittersweet moment for us, but we were all ready. A few days before, Sidra said that he felt sad that Monte was leaving, but also happy for him and his new family. At the same time Sidra was excited to see our next foster dog. ‘It is such a confusing feeling. It is the first time I’ve ever felt this way,’ he said.

Monte might be confused right now in his new environment but he will settle down in a couple of weeks just like when he was with us. Here’s a few pictures (out of hundreds) of Monte during the one month that he stayed with us. I will never forget his funny personality, his soft mouth and velvety ears. But I’m truly happy for him. Congratulations, Monte!




We also met out next foster dog at the adoption event. His name is Duff, a 3-4 years old miniature dachshund. He and two other dachshunds were bought by a 90 years old couple who let them breed uncontrollably. At the end, there were 18 dachshunds living in miserable condition. The couple could no longer take care of the dachshunds and they were brought to ARK. This is an article about the dachshunds. It is in Japanese, but there are some pictures of the condition they were living.

Duff is such a sweet dog! We took him home by train and he didn’t make a peep during the 2 hours trip. He doesn’t bite, doesn’t chew on furniture or anything, not even socks that Monte so loved! Now we can put our shoes on the floor again 😛 He is housetrained and prefers to do his business outside. He is not very strong, so walking is restricted to not more than 15 minutes twice a day.

He does whine when I leave him, even when I’m upstairs and Sidra is downstairs with him. Unlike Monte who gets along really well with Sidra from the start, Duff is slow to warm up to other people but me. However I think it is still normal since he’s only been with us for a couple of days. He has a rough past so maybe he needs more time to feel comfortable in a new environment.


Days with Duff begins!

Days with Duff begins!

More about the dachshunds (article in English).