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Two Pendrells and One Kasia

  Lately I’ve been expanding my wardrobe with more skirts and tops. I have lots of dresses already, and I feel that I need to introduce something different to my wardrobe. My style always changes subtly from time to time, otherwise I will get bored of myself! I bought Pendrell blouse pattern by Tasia from Sewaholic sometime ago but only had the chance to try it now. I must say that I love it. So much that I made two in one day! The instructions are very clear and I only need a couple hours to make one blouse, from tracing […]

Corduroy skirt

  I still have leftover corduroy fabric from Sidra’s Henry shirt, which is just enough for a little skirt for myself. Although it looks purple in the pictures, the fabric actually has more blue in real life.  The pattern is 10/2010 Wool Skirt #115A by Burdastyle. The smallest size is still too big for me, so I shrunk the pattern to 92% and used size 38. I added a dark blue lining and shortened the hem considerably. It is long weekend right now in Japan, and yesterday we went to Yokohama to spend the day at Aqua museum in Sea Paradise. Hope you […]

Button-up skirt

  A quick project that I did yesterday. The fabric is called ‘lurik’, a traditional handloom from Central Java, Indonesia, that I bought in our this picture. The one I have is a a modern interpretation with very subtle darker stripes. The fabric was sold already cut in 3 m package, but the width is only 90 cm. Since they were quite cheap, I bought them in several colors, green, purple, red, and black with stripes.     The pattern is Helena skirt, a free PDF pattern download found in Burdastyle. I was prepared to add seamline on the center back […]

Bombshell dress – cup alteration

This is the backside of my muslin. I have scoliosis and my curved spine can be seen clearly here. This might be the first time I ever photographed my backside deliberately. The last time I saw pictures of my backside is when I was 15 years old. They were laid on the table in front of me and I got a few disheartening comments (parents can be so inconsiderate!) about it. I got traumatized and avoided fitted clothing since then. Until now. I must say that sewing and blogging about sewing have helped me to see human bodies differently. I make […]

Starting the bombshell dress

Apparently the repair was faster than expected, the repair shop sent my sewing machine back yesterday! The big box arrived in the morning and I danced happily all day. No more machineless week! I used it right away to finish my husband’s jeans. They only need to be hemmed now and I’m waiting for my husband to come home so I can measure the length of the legs. Meanwhile, I started to work on my bombshell dress. The smallest size of the pattern is 36, which is still too big for me. So I resized it to 96% of the original […]

Green Bathing Suit

So one day I thought that I should try making my own swimsuit. I can’t swim (seriously!), but I do enjoy playing in water and having some good time at the beach. All I have is a set of bikini I bought several years ago and maybe that is more than enough. But making swimsuit was something that I had never tried and I love to learn new things. Alison is a vintage style bathing suit from Burdastyle, I love how it is one piece but still accentuate all the necessary curves without being too revealing. It is also free, perfect for […]

Three meters of black linen

I found this black linen in Yuzawaya sale last week, it was discounted pretty big so I bought 3 meters of it. I planned to make two pairs of shorts for my husband since the one he’s been using has already ripped at the seams. Actually he doesn’t mind the (big) rip, but it wasn’t a good sight to my eyes. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when sewing the elastic on the first pair of shorts. Unpicking all those stitches from elasticized waist is a bit too much for me, so I hacked off the shorts and turned it into […]

Men’s cropped pants

This is the first time I made a pair of men’s pants! The fabric is delicious black linen that I bought in Swany, Kamakura. The width of the fabric is 145 cm, but there was only 1.1 m left, not enough for a full length pants. Fortunately, my husband is all into cropped pants now, he started to roll up his other pants, so here’s some real cropped pants for him! I use Jochen pattern from Burdastyle, a basic men’s slacks pattern which leaves a lot of room for altering. Since I’m always nervous when making clothes for other people, […]

Blue waves shirts

I bought this cotton fabric in IKEA, it comes ready cut, 150 cm by 3 m. The pattern is called IKEA PS batik, and it is designed by Kazuyo Nomura, a textile designer. So I actually bought a piece of Japanese designer fabric in a Swedish home products retailer in its Tokyo chainstore. The fabric has blue waves on the borders, and I played with them to make a shirt for my husband and a shirt for Sidra. The shirts are similar, but the blue waves are in the opposite places. The patterns are for regular shirts, I changed them […]