What the delivery man brought today

A package from Germany
A big box from Germany
Mettler Thread Organizer Box
Mettler Thread Organizer Box
104 spools of Mettler thread!

I won them in Burdastyle’s Holiday Giveaway last month. Now I need to buy more fabrics to sew with all of these gorgeous thread! Sooo happy! (^_^)/

Thank you Burdastyle!

  • http://thedillspiel.blogspot.com k a t y

    JELL. US.

  • http://tragicbeautiful.com/ Debra Wilson

    So lucky and so exciting! I’m definitely jealous! You’re going to get so much use out of these!

  • http://curatingcuteness.com Katie

    So jealous! You’re going to have SO MUCH fun with these! :)

  • http://www.sophiealamode.com Sophie

    Congratulations….look at all those beautiful colors…

  • Busir

    Congratulations i think you won another Burda prize,the “Clean House with krrb contest”it’ d be a sewing machine if i understood it well.It’s well deserved.Y.S

    • verypurpleperson

      Yes I did, I’m so surprised!
      Thank you so much, Busir! :)

  • Barbara

    I am so thrilled for you! Winning something gorgeous is such a fun thing to have happen! Congratulations!

  • Marilyn

    Congratulations~you deserve it!!!! What a great set!!

  • http://su-sews-so-so.blogspot.com/ Suzie

    Oh wow wow wow – so jealous! What a fab prize!

  • http://www.happyserendipity.com lou

    oooohhh aaaahhh. fabulous!! very nice and how motivating!

  • http://gingerlanecreations.wordpress.com Jennie

    That’s too awesome!! Congrats. Can’t wait to see more of what you’ll sew.

  • http://just2chilli.blogspot.com/ by Jelena

    Congratulations on the great prize! You lucky girl =)

  • http://www.tapuz.co.il/blog/userblog.asp?foldername=dodaLiron Doda Liron

    wow, this is the best thing ever!

  • Agostina

    I was wondering why you never blogged about it. I saw that you won on facebook. congratulations! make great “stuffs”!!!

  • http://thelittletreasures.blogspot.com Maya

    That was a great thing to win! I hope you use them to make more glorious creations!!

  • http://sew-incidentally.com/ Claire (aka Seemane)

    Wow, congrats! Look at all those colours, how fab not to have to worry about buying matching thread, you won’t have to shop for thread for like ages :)!

  • http://handmadebycarolyn.blogspot.com Carolyn

    Dear Novita,
    Firstly, congratulations! What a great prize!
    Secondly, may I have your permission to put a picture of our meeting on my blog? I very much enjoyed our day of fabric shopping in Tokyo, and it was lovely for both me and my daughter to meet you. Tokyo is wonderful and we both are officially in love with your city. Thank you so much for coming out to meet us!

    • verypurpleperson

      Of course you can, Carolyn!
      Actually, I was going to ask you the same thing too! It was a great day shopping together and now we have the same fabric (in different colour) :)

  • http://yeshoneychyle.com roe

    104 SPOOLS?!

    There’s jealousy. And then there’s jealousy ^_^

  • http://hereinkoreasewing.blogspot.com Choco Pie

    I’m SO jealous!!! I’m dying for some good thread. I can’t find any nice thread in Korea. Maybe it’s hard to find good thread in Japan too…so I’m glad you won. Enjoy!

  • http://nattyjanesews.blogspot.com/ Natasha Jane

    That’s sooooooo exciting!

  • http://sertyan.blogspot.com Sertyan

    Wow! I have been wondering if Burdastyle actually picks international entries for their giveaways and yours is a testament that they do!! You are very lucky too! I know there are just too many entries when there’s a Burda giveaway..you should go buy lottery or something as well. He he!

  • http://somethinginthewayshesews.blogspot.com/ Something in the way she sews

    Lucky you! What a fantastic present, and just so pretty to look at.

  • http://www.umatji.blogspot.com umatji

    well done you – how handy on the winning and the organisational front! Get sewing…

  • http://pegeens-commitments.blogspot.com/ flynn

    Those are so lush! I got hot pink thread in my Christmas stocking and it’s so much fun to start from that angle =D