Men’s cropped pants

Linen cropped pants
Linen cropped pants

This is the first time I made a pair of men’s pants! The fabric is delicious black linen that I bought in Swany, Kamakura. The width of the fabric is 145 cm, but there was only 1.1 m left, not enough for a full length pants. Fortunately, my husband is all into cropped pants now, he started to roll up his other pants, so here’s some real cropped pants for him!

I use Jochen pattern from Burdastyle, a basic men’s slacks pattern which leaves a lot of room for altering. Since I’m always nervous when making clothes for other people, I worked slowly and did several fittings to. After the fitting, I tapered the legs a little bit, about 1 cm on each side of the leg.

The black linen was not much, so I use blue nani IRO double-gauze fabric for pocket and waistband linings. They are leftover from this dress. I like how they are completely hidden when he’s wearing the pants, and can only be seen when he takes something out of the pockets (or takes the pants off). The double piping pockets were quite a challenge! But I think the results are quite acceptable. The fly zipper is okay, but the waistband is not as neat as I want it to be. I should practice more!

I don’t like things too tight around my waist, and it affects me when making clothes for other people. It turned out that things doesn’t work that way for men’s pants. Obviously! Actually the pants are not going to drop off his waist or anything, but he will be more comfortable if it hangs tighter. He wears the pants with a belt now, but next time, I will make the waist a little bit smaller and use stronger interfacings for the waistband.

Linen cropped pants Linen cropped pants Linen cropped pants

These pictures were taken this morning when he went off to work. I personally think he’s looking good in those cropped pants! Itterasshai!

Linen cropped pants Linen cropped pants

Linen cropped pants Linen cropped pants

Pattern is Jochen from Burdastyle.

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  • The pants look great! I haven’t gotten up the courage to start making men’s clothing yet. This inspires me to start making some things for my husband though. 🙂

  • Brilliant. Nice cropped pants. How lucky you are your husband wears what you sew for him. Mine is picky, for sure.

  • He looks great in them. And he has a wonderful smile, by the way. I promised my husband I’d make him some trousers too, but still haven’t got to it. It’s about time I guess…

    • verypurpleperson

      That smile was the first thing I noticed in our first meeting (*^_^*)

  • Yeah they look great!! Almost makes me want to make a pair for myself, haha! 🙂 I love linen. I just wish it didn’t wrinkle so easily.

    • verypurpleperson

      After a day’s work, my husband came home with the pants full of wrinkles, but he said that they are very comfortable and it is all that matters to him 🙂

  • I think the pants look perfect! Great job!

  • What is nice is that my men is not reading behind my back because he would say “You have a pattern for pants for me! You should do it too!”
    I admire your pockets! I got lost with welt pockets last week, but yours look great.
    I also love the blue lining! It is such an interesting touch…

    • verypurpleperson

      I think it is fun making things for the men in our life, as long as it is not an obligation!
      The pockets were confusing, I did them very sloooowly and checked every steps, and still the lines are not as straight as I wanted them to be. I really need to practice more on these pockets. More pants for my husband, I guess….

  • carina

    The pant s look really good on your husband and looks very cosy.The photo s are so nice as always!!!

  • Jo

    OMG those pants look cool!!!
    I am so jealous that you can make clothes yourself.. and for your family!
    I had a look at th ESMOD website that you gave me, I’ve been working in the computing profession for a few years already, I don’t know if I have the guts to go back to UNI!! But I think it’s hard to find classes for amateurs><

    • verypurpleperson

      I don’t think you need to go to a ‘serious’ school like ESMOD to be able to sew things for yourself/family. I went to school because I wanted to know more, especially about fashion design, not to learn sewing. After that I worked as a fashion editor for years and had forgotten all about sewing and pattern until I moved here 🙂
      In, I saw a lot of people just went ahead, picked a pattern, and learned to sew along the way. That was how I learned sewing, and it is more fun that way 🙂

  • Ok, these are really neat. I just made my first pair of pants a couple of weeks ago and though I like the look on the outside, the inside is pretty much a mess. The pockets and the fly zipper look great. But I totally get your insecurities when sewing for others. I doubt my sewing skills much more when I sew something for a friend or relative because I want them to like it and wear it and of cause it’s also about my ego cause I want to be proud of my work!

  • THis is as impressive as always! These pants just look super good. I love how you used that blue fabric for the hidden parts. I do that often too. And, what about that back pocket! It is just perfect! Don’t tell me it is the first time you try to make one? your man is a very lucky one

    • verypurpleperson

      The back pockets were surprisingly not as difficult as I thought it would be! The steps are a bit complicated, but actually it felt like solving a puzzle. I love puzzles 🙂

  • i’m sure it feels absolutely awesome to see your family in the things you made! Moreover, I’m sure your family feels really proud when someone comments about the nice clothes and they can say their clothes are unique and you made them. Geesh… wish I had your skills! Keep on sewing (and sharing) – love to read from you!

  • Those pants look great on him! Looks like he’s got a new haircut as well as those pants 🙂
    Must make you feel smitten when you see him off, who is in the clothes you made, and the bag you made on his shoulder 🙂
    I love making things for my husband, but he is super picky about everything… Seems too much work to just make him happy…

    • verypurpleperson

      My husband is kinda picky too, that is also why I always get nervous when making things for him. I’m glad he likes this one (at least that’s what he said) 😀