Corduroy skirt

Corduroy skirt Corduroy skirt

I still have leftover corduroy fabric from Sidra’s Henry shirt, which is just enough for a little skirt for myself. Although it looks purple in the pictures, the fabric actually has more blue in real life.  The pattern is 10/2010 Wool Skirt #115A by Burdastyle. The smallest size is still too big for me, so I shrunk the pattern to 92% and used size 38. I added a dark blue lining and shortened the hem considerably.

It is long weekend right now in Japan, and yesterday we went to Yokohama to spend the day at Aqua museum in Sea Paradise. Hope you are having a great weekend too right now!

Corduroy skirt Corduroy skirt

Corduroy skirt Corduroy skirt

Pattern is 10/2010 Wool Skirt #115A by Burdastyle, size 38 shrunk by 92%.

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  • Bri

    This skirt is super cute, grerat for fall and lovely color!

  • I’m really into cord at the moment, and I just LOVE this colour – really gorgeous skirt!

  • This skirt is totally cute on you!! I adore how you’ve styled it… very nice with the black top and tights to show it off.
    And I love how it has pockets!!

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you Carolyn! I believe that all skirts and dresses should have pockets! 😀

  • very cute! I love the colour and the cut.

  • Love it! Such a cute style and a perfect way to use up leftover material!

  • This skirt looks just perfect on you! Really lovely and chic. And you chose the color very well.

  • This skirt looks so cute on you. I made this one up last year but I made it a bit too small and so those cute little gathers at the front just poof out and I look very pregnant! It looks really snuggly in corduroy and I love the pockets 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      I can see that the gathers can be a problem. Mine was quite poofy when I just finished it, I even thought that it was kind of unwearable. But after properly ironed and steamed, the poofiness flattened and I was happy!