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Boy’s cropped jeans

The newest jeans that I made for Sidra. The fabric is leftover from my husband’s jeans, which happen to be just enough for a pair of cropped jeans. I hate throwing things away! The pattern is my usual self-drafted one, I think I’ve used it for 5-6 times with slight variations. I use red topstitching instead of burnt orange like in my husband’s jeans. Don’t worry about that peeping tom in white shirt, it’s just my husband (-_-) Sleepy-faced boy is going to school. Sidra is crazy about skull and cross pattern now, so I put a little label on the […]

KCWC: Khaki pants

My last project for KCWC 2011!  These pictures were taken today, but actually I’ve finished the pants a couple of days ago. It is again a recycle project, a pair of pants made with my husband’s old and ripped pants. My husband has several pants that were ripped in the most unfortunate places hence he can’t wear them again. Which remind me that I need to finish my husband’s jeans quicker! Anyway, the pattern for these pants is the same as Sidra’s jeans that I drafted sometime ago. I lowered the crotch slightly, widen the leg and cropped the length […]

Sew Weekly Challenge: Kidding Around

My first Sew Weekly challenge! If you haven’t heard about Sew Weekly (who haven’t?), you should check out the site now! This week’s theme is ‘kidding around’ where people make creations inspired by outfit worn in their childhood photo. I was quite excited with this theme as most of my clothes are basically shaped like a bigger version of little girls’ dresses. Hello baby dolls, gathered skirt, and ruffles! Now for finding the childhood photo. This turned out to be not quite an easy task. My late father loved to take pictures of his kids when we were still very […]

Skull and cross pants

The fabric is black medium weight linen/cotton with white and silver skull and cross pattern and I’m not too crazy about it. The idea of silver and gold as fabric is too flashy for my taste. We were browsing around in Yuzawaya, a fabric store, when Sidra saw it and announced on the spot: “I want to wear this fabric.” I’ve tried to change his mind, what about a bag, an apron? “No, I don’t want it as a bag. No, not an apron. I want a pair of pants with this fabric. Yes, I am sure.” Uhhh, okay. I was planning […]

Flat collar blouse

I’m joining a Men’s Shirt Sew-Along at Male Pattern Boldness, starting at February 1! If you’ve never heard of Peter of Male Pattern Boldness, you really should check out his blog and read his adventure in clothes-making, written in the most entertaining way as possible. He posts everyday, which I really admire. Reading his posts often makes me chuckling in the middle of the night (got to blame those time differences!). Peter is arranging a sew-along using Negroni pattern from Colette (but you can use any men’s shirt pattern as well), and the time is just perfect because my husband […]

Checks pants

I miss my blog! It has been too long since I post about sewing and you might (or, uhm, you might not) wonder where I’ve been. Well, it’s just that real life sometimes got in the way of blogging life, that’s a sad fact. Or maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. So the last two weeks I had been busy with my little things, and now that they are finished, I can go back making stuff! I need something fast to sew that can make me happy again. And usually that thing is Sidra’s pants. Really, it’s my instant […]

Red pants

S: Mama, I want a gold pants. M: A gold pants? Why?? S: Because Maikeru Jakuson wears one. M: But where will you wear the gold pants to? S: I’ll wear it anywhere, to supermarket, to school…. Since I couldn’t bear the thought of him walking to school in gold pants, I tried to offer several alternatives. How about a pair of black pants? No? But Michael Jackson had one too. A blue pants? No? A grey one? No? And so on. At last we saw Michael Jackson in the ‘This is It’ DVD wearing a pair of red pants. I […]

Checks pants

A friend took me to a local department store that I’ve never visited, with a little corner for fabric and sewing goods, and I found this fabric cut in 70 cm for only ¥200! Just enough for another pants for Sidra. The pattern is the same as this pants, with some added length. To add some interests, I use polka dot fabric for facings on waistline, pockets, and hems. It was a very easy and quick project and I’m quite satisfied with the result! Pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.