Skull and cross pants

Skull and cross pants Skull and cross pants
Skull and cross pants Skull and cross pants

The fabric is black medium weight linen/cotton with white and silver skull and cross pattern and I’m not too crazy about it. The idea of silver and gold as fabric is too flashy for my taste. We were browsing around in Yuzawaya, a fabric store, when Sidra saw it and announced on the spot: “I want to wear this fabric.” I’ve tried to change his mind, what about a bag, an apron? “No, I don’t want it as a bag. No, not an apron. I want a pair of pants with this fabric. Yes, I am sure.” Uhhh, okay.

I was planning to make sailor pants with muted grey linen for him, but instead I had a meter of this flashy fabric on my hand. Well, I guess there’s no harm in making a kid happy. Next month is Jeans Sew-Along at Male Pattern Boldness, and I’m planning to make a pair of jeans for my husband, so I used Sidra’s pants to practice sewing jeans.

The pattern is self-drafted, a basic jeans pattern with skinny legs. In place of rivets, I used small zigzag stitches. My sewing machine didn’t seem strong enough to handle such bulkiness, I have to work it slowly to make the small zigzag stitches.

Skull and cross pants

For the pockets lining and inside of waistband, I use other fabric, also in skull and cross pattern in red and gold. Actually I like this fabric better, but white pants are not a good idea for a boy’s wardrobe.

Skull and cross pants

The back waistband has elastic with a row of buttonholes on it to make it adjustable. The button you see on the inside waistband is for adjusting the length of the elastic.

Skull and cross pants Skull and cross pants

A closer look on the back. I cut a small square of thin leather to use as a tag.

Skull and cross pants

The finished result is actually not that bad. Still not my taste, or as my husband said, the pants are too ‘flamboyant’. But Sidra loves it! I bet he will love these pants more than the grey linen pants I was planning to make. In fact these pants kinda suit his personality, he has such an extrovert personality while my husband and I are more  on the (very?) introvert side. Anyway, I think the matter of taste is not important here, everyone has different taste after all. If flashy pants make him happy, then I’m happy too (^_^)v

Skull and cross pants Skull and cross pants

Pattern is self-drafted.

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  • Oh I love to dress my kids pretty flashy. I would love to make a pair like these.

  • I’m glad Sidra convinced you to do this for him. The pants are great!

  • I love kids with a strong sense of style!! These are so punk rock. And beautifully made. I can see the care you put into your work. Well done.

  • Wow, these pants are really nicely made! I will aspire to be as good a seamstress as you! Very cool cut too!

  • Very nice! Great in detail and color 🙂

  • Very nice! Great in detail and colors 🙂

  • zhengirl57

    Aw :’) Sidra’s pants are getting larger and he is also getting cuter.

  • aw! these are amazing. this reminds me of your post of when sidra wanted gold pants because of michael jackson and you made him red pants instead. he’s so stylish!

  • lisa

    that kid is a rock star!

    and you did a really professional job on the pants.

    super cute!