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Purple Tank

So many things happened in just two weeks. We didn’t have any blackout again since the last time, although the schedule for next blackout will still be  planned to roll until summer. Summer without aircon? I might need to take a vacation then! This week is also the last week of school year, and Sidra missed the entire week because he is down with bad cold. It’s too bad that he didn’t have the chance to enjoy the last days in second grade, next month he will start third grade with new classmates. I hope he will get better soon. […]

Red cardigan

Red is such a hard color to photograph! I just finished this red cardigan yesterday. The knit fabric is indeed wonderful. It is a bit transparent but surprisingly warm with fuzzy surface and tiny heart-shaped holes all over it. Too bad the pictures don’t show the fabric well. The pattern is Pris, I bought it as PDF pattern from Tamanegi Kobo, a Japanese pattern shop. The pattern is in Japanese, but the drawings and diagrams made it really easy to construct it. The original pattern was mid-hip length, but I lengthened it about 20 cm because i don’t like anything that […]

More tees!

I’m not feeling well lately, headache, coughs, runny nose, etc. I guess the transitional period between summer to autumn is not doing good to my body. To make myself feel better, I sew several things for Sidra. I made these two shirts yesterday. The beige one is using leftover fabric from my own shirt. I bought it in a thrift shop sometime ago for colder weather, but then rarely wear it. I reuse the green button tab and cuffs from the original shirt. Today Sidra had a haircut! It was his first professional haircut done in Japan. Actually it was in […]

White and purple shirt

I was making a dinosaur plush toy yesterday and just one step away from finishing it, all I need was just some stuffing and a pair of black beads for the eyes. As I didn’t want to go too far to buy supplies, I headed to a thrift store nearby. I was planning to find some broken plush toys that I can cut open to use the stuffing and eyes. Apparently the plan just didn’t work out. It was not that there weren’t any ugly toys in the store, there were plenty of them. But as I looked at those […]

Dotty Leia dress

I finished the dress! The dress pattern is called Leia, and it is another pattern from Tamanegi Kobo, a Japanese pattern shop. The dress is pretty simple, but sewing the curved lines was quite challenging, so I guess this is not really a project for a beginner. Although the instruction is in Japanese, the diagrams are very clear and I learned some new things about sewing the curved yoke. My ultimate tool was fabric glue, as Yoshimi had used for her Leia dress. It was really fun sewing the curves. Instead of elastic on waist, I sewed several rows of […]

Novita dress

I made Novita again! But I didn’t want to make the  same thing and changed it into a dress by simply sewing a wide gathered strip of fabric on the hem. The strip of fabric follow the curved hem, so the front part of my dress is shorter than the back. The fabric is Indonesian cotton with batik prints, the intricate pattern is a variation of Javanese traditional pattern called Parang Rusak (it means: broken sword). This pattern is laid diagonally across the cloth but since my dress is cut on bias, the diagonal pattern turned into sort of striped […]


You might wonder why I would go around screaming my own name like that, but actually it is the name of the pattern that I use for my new top. The fabric is Kokka cotton that I bought in Swany, Kamakura, it was on sale and only 1.3 m left. The bias-cut top pattern is from Tamanegi Kobo, and yes, it has the same name as mine: Novita. Isn’t that awesome? Although that is the most awesome thing (for me!) about the pattern, it isn’t the only one. The pattern is sold as multi-size PDF pattern, just like Burdastyle pattern. […]