Dotty Leia dress

Leia dress Leia dress

I finished the dress! The dress pattern is called Leia, and it is another pattern from Tamanegi Kobo, a Japanese pattern shop. The dress is pretty simple, but sewing the curved lines was quite challenging, so I guess this is not really a project for a beginner. Although the instruction is in Japanese, the diagrams are very clear and I learned some new things about sewing the curved yoke. My ultimate tool was fabric glue, as Yoshimi had used for her Leia dress. It was really fun sewing the curves.

Instead of elastic on waist, I sewed several rows of elastic shirrings because they feel softer. I also added a pair of pockets on the side seams. Miho from Tamanegi Kobo is about my size (okay, I’m smaller!), and she kindly shared some sizing tips to me. She always uses size 36 and reduces it by 98%, I did the same thing with this pattern and it fits nicely! I didn’t even have to shorten the skirt. Oh, by the way, I’m 150 cm/5 ft and 40 kg/88 pound.

Leia dress Leia dress

The fabric is double gauze from nani IRO by Naomi Ito in pocho dots pattern. I really love the irregular shapes of the dots that adds some twist to the otherwise conventional polka dots. The yoke is actually broken white with white dots, it is very nice but hard to capture with a camera. The last picture shows the white dots a bit clearer.

It’s 35°C today, I had to walk for 20 minutes to Sidra’s school and the dress has proofed to be very comfortable. But of course I didn’t wear that shoes!

Leia dress Leia dress Leia dress

Pattern is Leia from Tamanegi Kobo.

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