White and purple shirt

I was making a dinosaur plush toy yesterday and just one step away from finishing it, all I need was just some stuffing and a pair of black beads for the eyes. As I didn’t want to go too far to buy supplies, I headed to a thrift store nearby. I was planning to find some broken plush toys that I can cut open to use the stuffing and eyes. Apparently the plan just didn’t work out.

White and purple shirtIt was not that there weren’t any ugly toys in the store, there were plenty of them. But as I looked at those sad and broken plushies, they seemed to look back at me and said, “So you’re the one who’s gonna cut open my belly and rip my eyes out? You are, aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

Erm, so I decided to call the plan off and preferred to go to a real craft store tomorrow.

Anyway, I didn’t leave empty-handed. I found this men’s white and purple knit shirt with raglan sleeves that would be perfect for Sidra’s shirt. Thrifted clothes are such a good material source for kid’s clothes (and sometimes my clothes too!).

The shirt pattern is called Biscuit, I just bought it from Tamanegi Kobo. It’s pretty straightforward with only four pattern pieces. The shirt was sewed using stretch stitch on my sewing machine and the hem are left unfinished. I especially love the sleeves! From the front, they look like ordinary sleeves. But from the back, they are raglan sleeves. How interesting!

The shirt was finished just as Sidra got back from school. “Where’s my dino?” he asked as I’ve promised that the dino will be ready when he came home (he has prepared a name for it!). I presented him the shirt instead, but he didn’t seem to mind. Hmmm…?

White and purple shirt White and purple shirt

White and purple shirt White and purple shirt

White and purple shirt White and purple shirt

Pattern is Biscuit from Tamanegi Kobo.

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  • Jo

    Lately I’ve been wanting to try sewing knits as well! in fact i’ve tried it once to make clothes for my blythe, but it wasn’t so successful at all~><

    your shirt is so nice! i use a janome as well, but i'm wondering which one is the stretch stitch? and if you could share any tips about sewing knits with me:)

  • I found your great jacket on luziapimpinella´s blog today and recognized the picture from my etsy feedback! Very,very nice!

    • verypurpleperson

      I would have never known FLORAfox if not because of your shop! Thank you for introducing me to such pretty fabrics! 🙂

  • Le quedó muuuy linda! me encanta el purple!


  • very lovely shirt. I like it~! 🙂 I wanna see the dino!!! hehe.. hope you get the eyes asap.

  • Sidra is the coolest dressed kid ever! I love the unique fabric you use for his clothes. I wish I was a better seamstress like yourself.

  • super cute! i love how you couldn’t tear up the animals… so funny! i am always so tempted to buy japanese pattern books but i worry i wont be able to follow! i just die over everything i see its only a matter of time before i just break down and buy one (or 10!)


    • verypurpleperson

      They seemed so sad of my intention! 😛
      I urge you to try those Japanese pattern book, they have lots of drawings and diagrams. I can’t read Japanese but never had problem with them! They’re so much fun 🙂

  • The sleeves are neat! Can’t wait to see the Dino.

  • It’s perfect! I have the adult version of this pattern and have made it a couple times. Sidra looks a lot better than I do, though!

    • verypurpleperson

      Oh I have the adult version too! The one I made for Sidra is an ‘exercise’ before I make my own 😛