Striped tee and chino pants

One day Sidra declared that he no longer wanted to wear ‘T-shirts with faces on it’, which means most of his T-shirts. He said that these T-shirts are too childish which doesn’t make sense because he is a child after all! But anyway he’s in constant need of new clothing as he keeps growing, so I made him some new ones.

The first one is a striped T-shirt with little pocket made with leftover fabric from my striped Jorna dress, the pattern is from one of my Japanese pattern book. He quite likes it so I bought some cotton jersey with these interesting stripes. I’ve seen some T-shirts with stripes in different color and I wanted to make him one.

Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants

The pattern is Biscuit by Tamanegi-Kobo, a Japanese pattern store. The sleeves are cut in such a way that from the front they look like a regular T-shirt sleeves, but from the back they are has raglan sleeves. The pattern is in Japanese but it is a simple one so you won’t find too many difficulties making it. It is also a free downloadable pattern!

Stripes t-shirt Stripes t-shirt

I regretted that I only bought 50 cm of each stripes fabric. Turned out that he’s taller than I thought and needed a bit more in length. Initially I didn’t plan to use different pattern on the sleeves but they were also a bit short so I added a strip of different fabric to lengthen them.
Stripes t-shirt Stripes t-shirt Khaki pants Khaki pants

I also made a pair of pants with cotton twill in dark khaki color. The pattern is Banyan trousers by Figgy’s, I have bought this pattern sometime ago but never had the chance to make it. Although Sidra is 11 years old, his size matched size 6-7 to this pattern. He wanted his pants about calf length so I didn’t have to lengthen the legs at all.

Khaki pants Khaki pants

The pairings of striped T-shirt and calf-length khaki pants is actually quite trendy right now here, so I think he looks like a mini adult in his new outfit!
Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants

Tee pattern (black and white) is from クライ・ムキの子供服―Simple+one (別冊家庭画報), size 130.
Tee pattern is Biscuit (Free PDF pattern – Japanese) by Tamanegi-Kobo, size 130.
Pants pattern is Banyan pants by Figgy’s, size 6-7.

On another note, Sidra has now reached more than 130 cm in height which is the tallest size in most Japanese kids pattern books. Since I won’t be using these books anymore, I set up a store to sell them: Fuwawa Sensei. There’s also sewing pattern books for women and other Japanese craft books, most are still in good condition. Please visit the store and thank you!

Sewing in 2013

Can’t you believe that it is already the end of the year again??

As usual I love to put together all things that I have sewn in one post to see how I have been doing this year. Some pieces got worn a lot, and some don’t get much wearing time. I think it helps me to see what I should be making next or what kind of style that I’m into at this moment.

For myself: tops, pants, skirt, a coat, a bathing suit, and as usual more dresses!
Velvet Tiramisu Dress Butterick 5601 Robson coat Scout woven tee and Moss skirt McCall Pineapple dress (Vogue 8901) Bombshell swimsuit Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351) Shweshwe Hazel dress Garnet tops Garnet tops Garnet tops Jamie jeans Laurie tee Zebra print lady skater

Lingerie: Still continuing my journey in lingerie-making. I also made a corset!

Lace Racerback Bralette Here Kitty Kitty lingerie setBaby blue gingham setPink set

Push-up longline bra Strapless bra

Nude and black slip Red plaid set Dotty red set

For Sidra: Not too many, mostly pants  because it seems that he is growing in such a fast rate nowadays. I made him a jacket every autumn, and this year it is a cape per his request.

Checker print shirt Green corduroy sarouel Grey sarouel Banana cut pants Denim knee-length pants Shweshwe Sarouel Boy tee and dog hoodie

For my husband: Err… just a pair of jeans so here’s a single big photo of the jeans (-_-;) He recently asked for a long-sleeved T-shirt so maaaybe I can make one before the end of the year (which is tonight??).


For the dogs: We started to foster dog this year so I have another one to sew for! I love making pet clothes as they are small and such perfect projects for recycling old clothes. When the dogs got adopted, they got to take the clothes with them so I can sew for the next foster. One of the happiest news this year is that we finally adopted one of the foster!

Dog onesies Dog onesies

Also: a yoga mat bag for my sister in law.

Yoga mat bag

I finally got a pixie haircut after negotiating with Sidra for 6 years. Although it is not directly sewing-related, but the hair kinda affects my choice for the next sewing projects. Maybe it shouldn’t have to, but I can’t help thinking if those dresses in my wardrobe still suit my hair or not. I got bored with myself frequently and always tried to make changes, although sometimes subtle, to my appearance. So maybe it is time to explore other style of clothing than what I usually wear in the past. Let’s see what 2014 will bring!

Have a happy holiday and see you next year!

Boy’s cape

Boy Boy
When Sidra was still in kindergarten, I made him  a cute wool cape with faux fur lining for winter. He was very happy wearing it and enjoyed running around pretending he was a super-something. As years went by, he has outgrown the cape and it found a new owner (that might have outgrown the cape by now).

Winter cape

Although the cape has long gone, Sidra often talks about it fondly and has been asking me to make him another. Well, a cape might look cute on a toddler, but it might not be the best clothing choice for an active fifth grader. He can’t wear it to school either as he has to bring randoseru (firm backpack). I kept saying I will make it later hoping that he will drop it. But recently he said that I’ve been saying ‘later’ for a couple of years now. Sooo… why not? All this time I’ve been sewing for fun, so if he just wants to wear a cape for fun, it is enough for a reason, right? 

This time I want the cape to be less cute and a bit more practical, so no faux fur lining. The outer fabric is fleece in army green with rayon lining in matching color. The pattern is based on double breasted Marmalade coat by Tamanegi-Kobo. I love all the little details, the pockets, hood, and the little pleats on the back. The coat already has the basic shape of a cape and I only had to alter the sleeves part.

Boy Boy
Boy Boy

Boy Boy Shiny T-shirt Shiny T-shirt

Speaking of making fun stuff, I also made a T-shirt for Sidra with this stretch shiny black that looks like rubber or faux leather. The neckline, sleeves, and hem are simply finished with serger. Sidra is very happy because this is something that he can wear to school! I’ve never seen any other kid wearing a shiny faux leather T-shirt to school, but of course, why not?
Shiny T-shirt Shiny T-shirt

And here he is looking very happy with the combo!

Boy Boy

Cape pattern is based on Marmalade coat by Tamanegi-Kobo (PDF), size 130.
T-shirt pattern is Biscuit by Tamanegi-Kobo (PDF), size 130.

Boy tee and dog hoodie

After: boy long sleeved t-shirt and dog hoodie

Before: adult long sleeved tee with cowl neck.

So I found this long sleeved t-shirt with rather ridiculous cowl neckline in the men’s section of a thrift shop. My first thought was: wow, look at all those fabric! The color is actually light grey with black printed pattern, it is rather thick jersey in good quality. I bought the item for about USD5.

My favorite pattern for making Sidra’s long-sleeved T-shirt is Biscuit by Tamanegi-Kobo, a Japanese pattern store. The sleeves are very interesting, they look like regular sleeves from the front and raglan sleeves from the back. I’ve used this pattern several times here, here, and here. This time I printed a new one as Sidra is now size 130. Too bad that in several years he won’t be using this pattern and also all my Japanese pattern books for kids, as all of them stop at size 130.

I used the original sleeves hem and simply overlocked the hem of the T-shirt. All of the seams are done on my overlocker.

Dog clothes for small dogs

The dog hoodie is from Millamilla pattern book, the title is in Japanese and translated as ‘Dog clothes for small dogs’. I used the book for first time for making clothes for Duff here. The hoodie has raglan sleeves and single layer hoodie. I cut all the pieces from the cowl of the original t-shirt. All the seams are done on overlocker except for several topstitching using sewing machine.
Boy tee and dog hoodie Boy tee and dog hoodie Boy tee and dog hoodie

Here they are in matching shirts!

Boy tee and dog hoodie Boy tee and dog hoodie
Boy tee and dog hoodie Boy tee and dog hoodie
Boy tee and dog hoodie

Boy’s long-sleeved T-shirt pattern is Biscuit by Tamanegi-Kobo (PDF), size 130.
Dog hoodie pattern is from Millamilla pattern book , size M.

Shweshwe sarouel

Shweshwe Sarouel Shweshwe Sarouel
This is the second Sheshwe fabric that Emily from Stitch had sent me. The pattern is called New Mountain. I love that it is sort of optical illusion where you can either see a weave pattern or zigzag pattern.

Shweshwe Sarouel Shweshwe Sarouel

Sidra saw the fabric the other day and demanded a pair of pants to be made with this fabric. He is undergoing a style change at the moment. A few months ago he said that his style is daaku (dark), hence the black shoes, black t-shirts, dark pants, and skull pattern. But recently he announced that he is not daaku anymore, his style is now karafuru (colourful). Oh, okay.

The pattern is Sarouel pants FOP-K09 from a Japanase pattern shop, Full of Patterns that I’ve use before to make this green one. As usual I use Google translate to help me browsing Japanese sites. All this technology makes it harder for me to learn Japanese properly *sigh*.
Shweshwe Sarouel Shweshwe Sarouel
It is a very easy pattern and I think it perfectly suits the shweshwe fabric. It has deep side seam pockets, big back pockets, and a pair of tabs for the cuffs. Sidra said that it is the most comfortable pants he has ever had and he proved it by jumping around and kicking in the air.

And yes, he’s wearing glasses now! His health test at school showed that he might need glasses but it was not immediate attention. But I noticed that Sidra blinked a lot and sometimes his eyes look strained. He also always sat very close to the television and when I asked him about it, he just said that it was more comfortable. We took him to have his eye tested last weekend and he ended up having to wear -2.0 prescription glasses.

When Sidra put on the lens for testing, he looked around and exclaimed in amazement, ‘Everything is so different! I can see things that far away!’ I suddenly realized, of course he never complained, he just didn’t know what the world supposed to look like! He got very excited with the glasses afterwards and read every signs that he saw along the way. He said to my husband, ‘You look different too! Let me see your teeth now!’ What is with Sidra and my husband’s teeth….

Fabric is New Mountain Shweshwe from Stitch in South Africa.
Sarouel pattern is FOP-K09 from Full of Patterns (PDF pattern – Japanese pattern shop), size 130.

Denim knee-length pants

Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants

As he is growing, Sidra is in constant need of new clothes, especially pants. He doesn’t like wearing long pants in spring and summer, and asked me to make more knee-length pants. This is a new pair that I’ve made using a Japanese pattern book. By the way, I’ve been using Japanese pattern books for kids’ clothes since Sidra in kindergarten (110 cm), and this year is probably the last time I can use them because the sizes end at 130 cm.

Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants

I made pattern #24 from シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服, which I have used last year. It is one of my favorite pattern books. The pants has back yoke and fake back pockets with flaps. The sides of  the front pockets and flaps are sewed together with the sides of the pants. I didn’t make the fake back pockets this time.

The fabric is denim in monochromatic leopard print with rust toipstitching. Sidra said that he really loves the print!

Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants
Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants

Pattern is #24 from シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服, size 130.

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