Denim knee-length pants

Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants

As he is growing, Sidra is in constant need of new clothes, especially pants. He doesn’t like wearing long pants in spring and summer, and asked me to make more knee-length pants. This is a new pair that I’ve made using a Japanese pattern book. By the way, I’ve been using Japanese pattern books for kids’ clothes since Sidra in kindergarten (110 cm), and this year is probably the last time I can use them because the sizes end at 130 cm.

Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants

I made pattern #24 from シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服, which I have used last year. It is one of my favorite pattern books. The pants has back yoke and fake back pockets with flaps. The sides of  the front pockets and flaps are sewed together with the sides of the pants. I didn’t make the fake back pockets this time.

The fabric is denim in monochromatic leopard print with rust toipstitching. Sidra said that he really loves the print!

Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants
Denim knee-length pants Denim knee-length pants

Pattern is #24 from シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服, size 130.

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  • That is really really cute, love the little skull + crossbones tag too!

  • These are great! I can see why Sidra likes them!

  • Deb

    Loving the pockets on these! Nice fabric print too.

  • Cool, Novita! I was thinking to make pant for my son from this pattern too. So far I only sewed dress #2 from this book, please check this out:
    Btw, did you lengthen the bottom of pant above? Thanks! 🙂

  • Amanda

    I loved this pattern when you made it last year. This time, I caved in and I just bought the book online. I’ve been making a lot of summer weight pants and long shorts this year…and so far I’ve just been using my own pattern based on But, I think I’m ready to branch out and try something different.

  • He is such an adorable boy and looks really cute on his new knee-length pants:)
    I love your work as always.

  • I love the patterns you select to sew for you and your family.
    Best from Barcelona,