Banana cut pants and grey sarouel

Grey sarouel Banana cut pants

Let’s continue celebrating the boy and here’s a couple more pants for Sidra! This year I don’t think I will make him more tops because he prefers wearing T-shirts than shirts. Most of them are from Threadless or H&M with interesting prints on the front. Maybe some jackets next autumn but more pants will be quite needed all year long.

Banana cut pants Banana cut pants
The blue fabric is quite interesting. It may look like denim but it is actually quite thin, a bit stiff and has a certain shine. The pattern is Ice Pop from Tamanegi Kobo, which is a banana cut pants, or at least that is how they are called in Japan. What is a banana cut pants? I don’t really know why it is called banana pants, but it has twisted seams down the legs that make the legs bent slightly. Like the shape of banana, I suppose.

Banana cut pants Banana cut pants

The pants has flat front with button and zipper and elasticated back waist. Unfortunately it is for size 140-160, so I did a little homework downgrading it to size 130. My amateur downgrading turned out quite okay I think. The crotch could have been lowered a bit and the front pockets need to be larger but everything else is good. I added colorful trim around the pockets for added interest.
Grey sarouel Grey sarouel

The grey pants is another sarouel from Full of Patterns, a Japanese pattern shop. A very easy pattern (you can do it in 7 minutes, it says!) with ribbed waist and leg cuffs. I added a couple of slanted pockets to each side and topstitching around the center panel. The fabric is grey soft cotton with no stretch, but the pants are still comfortable as they are quite roomy.

When laid out, the shape of the pants is quite interesting. I kinda like the shape although I couldn’t imagine myself wearing it. But it turned out that Sidra loves this kind of pants! He’s not really thrilled with the banana pants. ‘It is good,’ he said, but this sarouel: ‘I want another one!’

Grey sarouel Grey sarouel

Denim banana cut pants pattern is Ice Pop from Tamanegi Kobo, size 140 downgraded to 130.
Sarouel pattern is FOP-K05 from Full of Patterns (PDF pattern – Japanese pattern shop), size 130.

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  • Hi Novita,

    Love the pants!! You make them so fun with the trims you use. Where do you get your rib knits may I ask? I have a very hard time finding them in good colors. Any help would be fantastic, thanks!


    • Hi Julie, I found this rib knits in a fabric store near my house. I don’t know where you live but I can also find rib knits easily in most fabric stores in Tokyo like Okadaya and Yuzawaya.

  • Rin

    Hi Novita,

    I’ve been “offline” for the past few months, busy relocating (like you, I’ve moved overseas for my husband’s work). I cannot believe how much Sidra has grown up in this time. I love his cool haircut!

    Thanks for introducing me to Full of Patterns, there’s some great mens patterns there I’ll have to try♪

    • Hi Rin! Great to hear from you! Hope you enjoy life in the new place ^^
      Can’t wait to see how you make the men’s pattern. I want to make a sarouel for my husband but he said its not his style 😛 They have lots of great patterns though!

  • Oh my goodness. Sidra looks adorable! I wish I had a mom who would have sewed for me like you did.

  • Sufiya

    Those sarouel pants are referred to as “Hammer pants” in the US because a rapper MCHammer wears them onstage. This design is intended for ease in sitting crosslegged on the ground, apparently.Not so long ago, it was completely routine for people in India and other parts of the East to forego chairs and sit directly on the ground.

  • They look so cool. You have inspired me to make some more stuff for my boys.

  • Xien

    He’s such a cool looking little guy! Must get it off his mum!

    • Aww thank you Xien! 🙂

  • LLBB

    All these makes are so cute! Glad he finds them so comfy too 🙂

  • Amy

    He is such a handsome boy! Growing up so fast! I love the sarouels down to the cute tag.

    • He will be 10 years old next month! I almost can’t believe it! >_<