Boy’s white hoodie (McCall’s 6158)

Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158 Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158
Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158 Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158

McCall's 6158
McCall’s 6158

After making a hoodie for my husband, I continued making another one for Sidra. The fabric is not kid-friendly very white cotton jersey and I found a zipper with red details to go with it. I had this image of Sidra wearing a sparkling white hoodie that I couldn’t resist making the hoodie, although next week the hoodie probably won’t look like this anymore. The fabric and zipper was found in a local fabric store for a total amount of USD5. Not bad, isn’t it?

McCall's 6158
McCall’s 6158

The pattern is McCall’s 6158 that says girls’ hoodies pattern but frankly I don’t really know the difference between girls’ and boys’ hoodies. From the pattern envelope: CHILDREN’S AND GIRLS’ HOODIES AND BAG: Unlined, hooded jacket A, B, C, D, E, F have exposed zipper, patch pockets, sleeve and hem bands, varying contrast sections; jackets A, B have wide sleeve bands with thumb opening; jackets C, F have purchased appliques; unlined bag G has purchased cord for drawstring and straps. 

I checked the finished measurements and compared it to Sidra’s clothes, then decided to make size 7. Sidra is almost 10 years old by the way but he’s rather in the small side. I didn’t make any pattern alteration other than slightly changing the pocket shape.

The fabric was enough fabric for lining the hood but not for the facing. I just serged the raw edges on center front, folded it inside and topstitched from the right side. The zipper was unfortunately not long enough to all the way to the hood like on my husband’s hoodie, so I cut it to stop at the neckline like regular hoodie.
Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158 Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158
Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158 Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158
I also made several jersey pants for Sidra that he really loves to wear. Here is one of them in black. The pattern is based on one of the pattern from Japanese pattern book, シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服 that I’ve always used. I changed the pockets to slant pockets.

Jersey pants Jersey pants

And here is Sidra walking to school this morning. ‘I’m going to school now. Please stop taking pictures.’
Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158 Boys' hoodie (McCall's 6158
Pattern is McCall’s 6158 size 7.

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  • SO great. I’m definitely pinning this hoodie; I’ve been wondering if there are any good patterns for something like that! So thanks!

  • This is awesome. Sidra is so lucky to have such a talented mum always making him cool clothes. 🙂

  • Wow that hoodie looks great!! Sidra is one lucky boy to have such a talented mum 😀

  • far

    Very stylish, Sidra! I love both hoodies u made for your hubby n son, and the pants look cozy too.

  • This looks great! It’s so professional and perfect-looking!

    • Thank you Ginger 🙂

  • I love the hoodies you’ve made! I am curious, since I’ve never worked with sweatshirt knit. What did you use for the ribbing at the bottom and the cuffs? It looks really nice, is it just the same material?

    • Yes they are the same material folded and cut shorter than the circumference of the cuffs to create the ribbing. You can also use ribbing material but I find it easier this way as finding the exact same color can be difficult 🙂

  • New Ribena

    You always do such a great job of making your items look very polished and RTW.