Navy suit and white shirt

Sidra needed a navy knee-length pants and a white shirt for the school concert, so I thought I’d just made them myself instead of buying some.

The shirt fabric is white cotton with some interesting thin pintucks on it. The pants fabric is navy thick cotton, and I also made a matching jacket to the pants. For added warmth, I lined the jacket with blue flannel that I cut out of an Ikea blanket.
Navy suit and white shirt
Navy suit and white shirt
I made the pattern for the pants myself by tracing one of Sidra’s pants, and then adding pocket details and turned-up hem. The shirt pattern is from a Japanese pattern book, and I’ve used this pattern to make Sidra’s striped shirt. The pattern for the jacket is from the same Japanese pattern book, and I added a pair of buttons to the big pocket.

I think the suit and shirt turned out really nice, Sidra (and me) really loves it.

Shirt and jacket patterns are from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.

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  • Hanne

    Wow! It looks great. You’re so talented!

  • Katie

    oh my goodness, he looks so cute with those suspenders on! The suite looks wonderful, beautiful job!

  • verypurpleperson

    Thank you everyone!
    The pants and shirt were needed for the ‘candle service’, where the kids sang Christmas songs, lit some candles, then they walked in pairs together. Well, actually I don’t really know what it means, but it sure was fun!

    Anyway, there was a play before the ‘candle service’ where the kids played ‘Peter Pan’, and Sidra was cast as Michael Darling (Wendy’s youngest brother) 🙂

  • Karencilla

    That is sooo cute! he is an expert model! Great job as always

  • jennwhisper

    your boy is too handsome!!

  • Christina

    He looks adorable! I like the hem details on the pants, and the pintucks in the white fabric. =)

  • Office Busy Body

    That suit is adorable and Sidra looks so pleased with it. What things did he do at the concert?