Coral floral set

Coral floral set
Coral floral set

The thing about making bra is that you can never know for sure how the fit is until you finish it. That is why I often have hesitations in trying new bra patterns. My go-to lingerie patterns are Merckwaerdigh’s. They have so many patterns and I can be sure that they will fit me as always, so why trying something new?

Well, why not! Lately the bra patterns by Orange lingerie seem to be everywhere around the sewing blogs, so I got curious. At the end, I’m happy that I got curious!

For this set I use nude coloured lycra from Okadaya in Shinjuku, powernet from Tomato in Nippori, lace from this ebay store, foam lining from Makebra, and notions from Merckwaerdigh. The pattern is Boylston bra in size 30DD.
Coral floral set Coral floral set

Boylston bra muslin

The pattern is very well-drafted with clear instructions. I love that the pattern pieces have both the stitching line and the seam allowance. This means that I can adjust the seam allowance easily if needed.

Since I don’t want to waste my precious fabric, I made a muslin first. It fits me quite well! In fact, this muslin bra is now one of my daily bra. The muslin bra is made from polyester fabric with little stretch and white lining. The fabric is letfover from my neon skirt.

For the coral set, I added foam lining on the cups. I also moved the placement of the straps at the front about 1 cm to the center front direction.

The floral lace was not much, so I just put it on the upper cups and used the rest for the panties. I also use elastic straps instead of fabric straps. I think it fits better for the delicate look of the lace.

Do you see how he colour of the Merckwaerdigh notions fits perfectly with the colour of the lace? I am very happy about it! Especially because I’m not very confident about dyeing my own elastics and notions.
Coral floral set Coral floral set

After finishing the bra, I wanted to try another Orange lingerie pattern so I bought the Montgonery brief pattern. The bottom of this brief is cut on fold, eliminating the need to use elastic for a smooth look under clothing. No VPL!

This pattern is another success for me. I was pleased to find that the bottom provides enough coverage although without elastics.

Coral floral set Coral floral set
Coral floral set Coral floral set
The second panty were made with Gia thong pattern by OhhLulu that I have used several times.
Coral floral set Coral floral set
Coral floral set Coral floral set

IMG_6020 copyI’m very happy with this set, especially with the pretty colours and the fit. The only thing that I want to change for my next one is moving the straps at the back a bit closer. And probably it is better if the band elastic is wider.

Here is how the bra on me. I realize that picture is modelled bra is quite important if I want to show how the fit is. I apologize that it is in black and white!

Bra pattern is Boylston bra by Orange Lingerie (PDF), size 30DD.
Brief pattern is Montgomery brief by Orange Lingerie (PDF), size XS.
Thong pattern is Ohh Lulu 1308 Gia (PDF) size S.

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  • Marie Poisson

    Very nice!!!

  • Elena Knits

    These pieces are absolutely beautiful. With the foam lining you’ve convinced me to try the Boylston Bra!

  • Sherry

    These are lovely – the fit looks perfect on you and they are such a pretty colour! You are inspiring me to give bra-making a go!

  • Brandy

    Love the coral colour!

  • Beautiful job! I had a favorite bra pattern, but it got lost in a move about a year ago. I keep hoping it will turn up, but I may have to try out another. I know there are a few out there these days.

  • I absolutely love these! The coral lace is so beautiful and the elastic matches perfectly. Amazing.

  • lisa g

    Beautiful set! I love the colors. And the folded outer edge on the undies is genius!

  • Fabric Epiphanies

    These are lovely! I have been wanting to give underwear making another go for some time now and you are certainly enabling me1

  • Pippa Knight

    your photos of your own hand made lingerie always make me want to make my own. So far I have made underwear but that is it.
    The idea with folded fabric on the Montgomery briefs is something that I have been meaning to try out since I spotted it on some of my RTW underwear. I think it looks like a brilliant idea.