Repairing jeans pockets

Fixing jeans pockets
Dismantling the pockets

I just learned a lesson to always use good pocket lining materials for jeans. When I made these pair of jeans for my husband in 2011, I used quilting cotton for the pocket lining because I liked the print. They didn’t last the abuse that my husband put them through and torn apart after a year. I guess I forgot that men do use their pockets! Unlike me who occasionally put a coin in my coin pocket and put everthing else in my bag.

Before fixing the pockets, I have offered to make him another pair of jeans (wohoo because I love sewing jeans), but he kept wearing this pair. He said they are his favorite jeans and have become very comfortable.

Fixing jeans pockets
Pinning the new pocket piece

After his phone slide down his leg one day, I decided to face this matter seriously. I unpicked the waistband and side seams around the pockets and then dismantled the pockets completely. All the pieces were given a good press, then I cut a new pocket lining with suitable fabric. I also overlocked the pocket pieces as the edges were merely zigzagged. I still didn’t have a serger at that time.

The great thing about making the jeans yourself is that you still have the pattern pieces and can recall what kind of materials that you used. I happen to still have the topstitching threads in my stash. It also helped that I used bar tacks instead of rivets on these jeans.

Fixing jeans pockets
As good as new!

Everything is attached back together and it turned out to not taking as much time as I thought! Should have done it ages ago!

This experience got me interested to looking more for denim repair. I found this company website who does traditional denim repair. The gallery is full of beautiful images of handsewn denim repair! More on their Instagram account. Maybe I can try doing the same when my husband’s jeans has deteriorated some more.

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