Sidra got caught by street style hunter in Harajuku

Sidra got caught by street style hunter in Harajuku

My husband had to work for a half day last Saturday, his office is not far from Harajuku area, so Sidra and me went along and we had a little walk by ourselves in Omotesando Hills.

Suddenly there was a guy came to us and told me that he wanted to photograph Sidra for a street style section in a kid’s fashion magazine. I asked Sidra about it and he agreed, so we went with him to meet the photographer. Standing beside the photographer was a familiar face, it was the editor of Sesame magazine that we met last year for the fashion shoot in Tottori!

He seemed surprised too to see us and immediately remember ‘Shidora’, the Indonesian boy. He was also surprised to know that now Sidra can speak Japanese. The editor gave me some form to fill and his assistant took notes of what Sidra was wearing. After the snapshot was taken, he told me that the picture would be published in their January edition and he would send me the magazine.

Then we resumed our walk, (me) feeling a bit, uh, nostalgic to see these fashion stylists working on a weekend day. A memory of my old life not so long time ago.

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  • silvia

    I bet you were some kind of a fashion creature (I love your outfits!). I used to run a fashion stylists agency in Milan (years ago) so your post brought back lots of memories to me as well! You have a beautiful boy and he has a very cool mummy!!!

  • TangerineSamurai

    You go, Sidra! Great compliment for the two of you. BTW love your blog and have been following for a while now!

  • Jenny

    How fun! I love your blog!
    Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts