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Weekend, September 2014

Last Saturday we went to the Doll Culture Exhibition. It was such an eye candy not only for doll lovers, but also for fashion and sewing enthusiasts. The exhibition is taking place in the Tokyo City View Observation Deck in Roppongi Hills, so you can also get great view from there. The exhibition features 5 different types of dolls: Licca, Jenny, Barbie, Blythe, and Dollfie, along with several kinds of vintage dolls from as far as the sixties. I love to see how the fashion of the era is reflected to the dolls clothes and features. Check out this 1982 Licca doll […]

Weekend, January 2013

It’s two weeks into 2013 now and we had our first snow yesterday! Coming from a tropical country, I’m still very excited everytime there’s a snowfall. The windows in our old apartment were frosted so I couldn’t enjoy snowing without opening the window, but here in the new house the clear big windows allow me to stare outside for hours mesmerized by the snow. While I was mesmerized, my husband kindly cooked us the yummiest meatsauce spaghetti for lunch. I then managed to cut a stretch lace top to be turned into a bra set later. Meanwhile, Sidra had a […]

Weekend, November 2012

Meeting a dearest friend, delicious lunch, beautiful things and wonderful people. Not all weekends are perfect, but once in a while the universe graced me with a day like this. Pictures from my Instagram.

Blew the candles

Weekend, October 2012

Last weekend we celebrated my husband’s 42nd birthday! I made him a jacket with hood (will be posted later) the day before and Sidra made him a drawing. It was a nice and quiet day just the way we love it. We biked in the morning to the lake in the neighborhood, bought oden (Japanese winter dish) in the convenience store and had breakfast by the lake. I still can’t believe that I live in such a close proximity to a lake! Then we went to a nearby Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta lunch. Sidra loves celebration so of course […]

Kids’ Mikoshi parade

This year is the first time Sidra participated in a kids’ mikoshi parade in the neighborhood. Actually I had no idea what mikoshi was until we got the invitation to join. From wikipedia: “A mikoshi (神輿 or 御輿?) is a divine palanquin (often improperly translated as portable Shinto shrine). Shinto followers believe that it serves as the vehicle to transport a deity in Japan while moving between main shrine and temporary shrine during a festival or when moving to a new shrine. Often, the mikoshi resembles a miniature building, with pillars, walls, a roof, a veranda and a railing.” There were […]

A wedding in Saturday

  Sidra’s father got married last weekend. We weren’t able to come due to several reasons, but Sidra’s father came up with this wonderful idea to ask someone (which is his brother) to hold an iPhone during the wedding ceremony so the three of us could view it live via Skype! Yay for technology! Several minutes before the ceremony, Sidra came to me and asked for the outfit that he wore on my wedding. Well, of course he couldn’t wear them again, it was 4 years ago! Fortunately he didn’t mind wearing something else. He was quite excited to see […]

Weekend, April

Yesterday Sidra had aikido practice at the park in our neighborhood, followed by picnic and playtime. Such wonderful idea to spend a beautiful spring day. Pictures from my Instagram.  

Weekend, March

Last Saturday we went to meet Doraemon and his friends! Actually, we went to Fujiko F. Fujio museum in Kawasaki. If you’re familiar with the blue earless robot cat, Fujiko F.Fujio is the man who created this anime character. The museum was just opened in September last year, so it is pretty new. The tickets had to be reserved weeks before, and we finally got our ticket scheduled to last Saturday. I love Doraemon since I was living in Indonesia, reading the translated comics and watching the dubbed television series. I collected all the comics but I had to give them away […]

Weekend, January

Last weekend, Sidra joined a workshop class at the community center. It was just around ten minutes biking from home, so my husband and I went with him there. Then we spent the time waiting for Sidra by walking around the temple and the woods around the community center. It was a rare occasion because usually there are three of us. Last week we had one snowing day and you can still see traces of snow here and there. It was cold walking around but everything looks so lovely. Sometimes I’d like to think that I live in such a […]