Weekend, September 2014

Great jacket
Licca in her great jacket

Last Saturday we went to the Doll Culture Exhibition. It was such an eye candy not only for doll lovers, but also for fashion and sewing enthusiasts. The exhibition is taking place in the Tokyo City View Observation Deck in Roppongi Hills, so you can also get great view from there.

The exhibition features 5 different types of dolls: Licca, Jenny, Barbie, Blythe, and Dollfie, along with several kinds of vintage dolls from as far as the sixties. I love to see how the fashion of the era is reflected to the dolls clothes and features.

Check out this 1982 Licca doll in her great jacket! It reminds me of Papercut Rigel bomber jacket. I also love her green pants and red shoes!

Vintage Dakkochan

There was also Dakkochan! I had this doll when I was little and it was one of my favorite toy.

After I moved to Japan, I saw a Dakkochan in a store in Nakano but it was so expensive! I miss my childhood Dakkochan.

It is interesting to note that Takara company who produced this doll was criticized because it was considered racist, but I never saw it that way before I read more about Dakkochan. I guess children don’t have things like that in their minds.

After seeing this exhibition, I kinda want to buy a doll so I can sew a fabulous mini wardrobe for it. But… maybe not. Too many hobbies that I can handle at one time and I also don’t feel that I can spare any space for the doll and her future extensive wardrobe. Maybe someday! In the meantime, I love living in this place where doll culture is alive and so well received.

Look at these dolls! Kawaii!

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  • Yeka

    Hi Novita, I also had Dakkochan doll when I was a child. Actually I have forgotten about it if you didn’t write this post. Thank you for sharing your weekend moment!

  • Jen (NY)

    Oh, I had that dancing Dawn doll! Very sadly lost her & a new outfit shortly later – a childhood trauma. Fun exhibit!

  • Megan Connolly

    Ooh so cool! I collect Blythe dolls and a few others and I would love to see this exhibit.

  • Connie Turner

    Thanks for this post and pics. I am a doll maker and collector so it was fun to see.

  • Kyle

    “jealous girlfriend” is hysterical! thanks for sharing!

  • Lilis

    the dolls are awesome, i like the “jealous girlfriend”, haha…but some of it looks quite creepy especially the body parts, maybe I watched too much horror movies :p