Fashion treasure

going somewhere
Sidra & me, Tokyo 2009

Do you have a fashion treasure? This coat is one of mine. It used to belong to my mother, she bought it in a small shop in France more than thirty years ago when she and my father went for a trip around Europe.

The coat is unlined blue and white purl knit, the white pattern is consisted of white chains inserted between. It also has a a pair of big pockets, perfect for the cold hands, and thick mother-of-pearl buttons.

Once my mother was back from the trip, the coat had no use in the tropical climate of Indonesia except for becoming a dress-up play thing for her children. I used to play hide and seek in her wardrobe, sitting between all the dresses and coats.

Since I was big enough to wear it, I acquired the coat and it has now become my daily wear in Tokyo winter time. There is a special feeling when wearing a vintage item, especially the one that you’ve grown with. A nostalgic and familiar feeling, and strangely secure feeling.

I especially love this picture of my parents in Germany. My mother wore the signature coat over a print green dress. On her hands is a beautiful crocodile skin handbag with golden buckle. That’s a pair of of red knee-length boots on her feet!

And look at my father! Why don’t men dress like that any more? He had on a three-piece suit with perfect crease along his pants. His big tie is peeking above the waistcoat and the jacket has one button casually opened to show a peek of his belt buckle.

Picture perfect.

The coat
Mother & Father, Germany 1976

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