Goodbye Shiitake and Hello Shoronpo!

welcome banner
Welcome Shiitake and Ribbon – picture from ARK facebook page

Shiitake finally found his forever family after more than three months in foster care! I was beginning to worry that he wouldn’t get adopted because he was so shy of strangers.

Shiitake was fine at home with us, but at the adoption events he would hide in a corner so nobody would see him.He befriended another foster dog called Hara, where he met when he sometimes stayed in another foster family. She was about the same size and age as Shiitake, and just as shy as him too. At adoption events they would crumple together and hide.

Then a family came to adopt Shiitake after seeing his profile on ARK page. When they saw Shiitake and Hara together, they fell in love with Hara and decided to adopt her too! It was quite a rare incident that two big sized dogs could get adopted together! When the girls from the family saw Hara, she was wearing a ribbon, so they wanted to give her a new name: ‘Ribbon’. It was such a great news for both dogs. From now on, they will be together forever.

Shiitake and Ribbon were brought by ARK staff to their forever family last week. When they arrived, they were greeted with presents and a welcome banner. Isn’t that so sweet?

Ribbon and Shiitake – picture from ARK facebook page
Days with Shiitake
Shiitake the dog
Shiitake and Fuwawa

Although I missed Shiitake but I’m so happy for both of them! He found the best family, and got to go there with his best friend. Congratulations Shiitake, thank you for all the sweet memories! Wishing you a wonderful life with many parks to run in and birds to chase!

Family picture with Shiitake
Goodbye Shiitake!

Now that this chapter is closed, we moved on to the next one. This is Shoronpo the chihuahua! he is a 4-5 years old male chihuahua, found wandering in the park. Here is his profile page in ARK. You can see that he is very adorable!

His profile mentioned that he has some trust issues, but so far he hasn’t shown any problem. He’s very healthy, active, and curious. I think he will find a family soon!


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  • Sharon

    oh! Those pictures!
    What a kind and beautiful thing you guys are doing. Thank you!

  • Jacqueline

    You and your family are so generous in welcoming and loving these beautiful animals: you are a great example to us all!

    • Aww thank you! Our family loves dogs so it is a great opportunity to know many characters of them. My son also learns that loving can also means letting go 🙂

  • I’m so glad Shiitake and Ribbon could stay together!! You help these dogs so much 🙂 I love that photo of the nap buddies, so sweet!

    • My dog Fuwawa has different nap buddies each time! 😀

  • Shiitake and Ribbon seem like such a great match! I’m so glad they were adopted together!!! 🙂 Shoronpo is so cute. I hope you enjoy your time with him!

    • Shoronpo is such a little bundle of energy! He jumped around, running and barking. Our dog Fuwawa seems a bit confused by him 😛

  • What a beautiful story! It’s wonderful that Shiitake was adopted along with his soulmate. I admire all that you do for those dogs.

    • Yes everyone at the shelter was very happy with this news! Shiitake and Ribbon really belong together 🙂