Surprise package!

Surprise package from Kayo!
Surprise package from Kayo!

Cards Candies Kayo

A floral cami for me!
Thank you, Kayo!

The postman brought me a surprise package a couple of days ago, it’s from Kayo! The package contained many pretty things, one of them is Kayo’s handmade floral camisole for me! Now I have an original creation by Kayo, I’m so happy (^_^)v

Kayo also put some pretty candies for Sidra (the butter candies are delicious! I stole it) and postcards for my husband. The postcards are illustrated by her husband, a talented illustrator, he and my husband met at the Yokohama market and they seemed to get along, both like comics, anime, and manga stuff.

I don’t know what I had done to deserve all these kindness, but I’m so happy happy happy! It really brightened up my day. Thank you so very much, Kayo! m(_ _)m

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