Sidra in Sesame magazine – Spring issue 10

Sesame magazine - Spring issue 10

Sesame magazine - Spring issue 10

These pictures are from Sesame magazine, spring issue 2010, that was published this month. Sidra participated in  a picture article featuring children from several countries. That’s one page of him in the traditional Javanese clothes and a little interview on the side. The pictures were taken last month at Sesame studio.

I really love this magazine, not (just) because Sidra were in the magazine several times, but because the clothes are always unbearably cute! Sometimes I had ideas for my own outfit from this kid’s fashion magazine.

Anyway, here’s a loose translation of Sidra’s interview:

Sidra – Indonesia


Q What do you like the most?
A Hercules stag beetle, because it’s very big! And it also has a cool horn.
Michael Jackson. Because he’s so good at dancing, and singing too!

Q What things from your home country that make you proud?
A I have cousins!

Q What do you hate the most?
A People who disturb my stag beetle larvae.
Spicy food.

Q What is your treasure?
A My handmade robot.

Q What do you want to have in the future?
A Caucasus stag beetle and rainbow stag beetle. And a dog with black eyes and nose and long, white fur.

Q What is your dream?
A I want to be Michael Jackson.

YELLLLLL… for your smile

  • photo: Takashi Miezaki
  • styling: Kosei Matsuda (AVGAST)
  • hair & make-up: hanjee for hanjee HAIR Gallery (A.K.A)
  • direction: HIRO for HERO

Sidra in Sesame magazine – Snap 2010 edition

Last November Sidra was photographed for street style pictures by Sesame, a Japanese kid’s fashion magazine. We were having a walk in Harajuku area when they approached us and asking permission to take some pictures of Sidra.

The magazine was published this month, and it turned out to be a special edition of street snap of Japanese kid’s fashion. It was filled with pictures of kids in their trendiest outfit, taken in various area of Japan. So cute!

Here’s Sidra in one of the pages, he’s number 58.
The caption, loosely translated:
Sidra (6 years)
“Sidra in a beautifully arranged items, all handmade by mama.
The chic outfit is refined with the addition of orange accent.”

Sidra was wearing this linen jacket, denim pants, and robot bag, all made by me (*^.^*) The denim pants are actually a bit too short now, his socks are showing in the picture. He’s been growing up so fast! The hat  was thrifted in a nearby secondhand store, and it is included again in another page about hat and cap.

I showed the magazine to Sidra, telling him that he was in it. He just looked at them casually and continued eating his donut, as if there was nothing special to it. Kids!

Anyway, mama is very proud and happy and proceeding to tell everyone about the little pictures \(*O*)/

Sesame photoshoot

About a week ago, Sesame magazine (a Japanese kid’s fashion magazine) contacted us and invited Sidra for a photoshoot. This is the second time Sidra had a photoshoot with them, the first one was done in Tottori, just two months after Sidra and me moved to Japan. This time, they wanted to photograph Sidra in traditional costume. So I asked my mother to send a Javanese costume set from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Package from Jogja, Indonesia

The package came very quickly, it was wrapped in white plastic sheets, handstitched with blue plastic rope. I wonder whoever in the Jogjakarta post office with the job of handstitching those overseas packages. Actually I kinda like the package, it looks like something that I might get from an Etsy seller.

The Javanese clothes set has a long-sleeve top called surjan, made of lurik, a type of traditionally-weaved striped fabric. The headdress is called blangkon, made with batik. It was too small though, but fortunately Sidra had another blangkon that we bought last summer in Indonesia. The set also has a pair of leather slippers called selop. The bottom part is batik cloth, but it has been modified with front zipper and slit for easier wearing. Sidra was a bit hesitant when he saw it, he wondered why he had to wear a skirt like a girl (^.^;).

Anyway, I asked my sister how much the set costs, and she said that the whole set cost about $7! Well, of course the quality is nothing to be talked about, so I kinda altered it a bit, made a neater hem here and added some snap-on buttons there. But hey, it looks good!

The photo shooting was done yesterday in Sesame magazine studio, with a bit of drama because I forgot to bring the shoes and my poor husband had to go all the way home and get them. I’m so sorry, darling! Anyway, the Sesame magazine people were very nice, they added a vest, beaded necklace, and a bag to the outfit.

photoshoot for Sesame magazine

photoshoot for Sesame magazinephotoshoot for Sesame magazineI took several pictures of Sidra in the Javanese clothes when the package has just arrived, and he posed around happily. But once placed under the bright light in the Sesame studio, Sidra seemed to get shy and a bit reserved in the poses. Well, I guess there’s a big difference between getting your picture taken by your own mother  and a professional photographer. But he did his best and I was very proud of him. But of course, Mama will always be proud of her little star!  ♥♥♥(^.^)

At the end, Sidra really likes the clothes that he’s wearing it to school today. Only the top, we left the skirt part at home!

Sidra got caught by street style hunter in Harajuku

Sidra got caught by street style hunter in Harajuku

My husband had to work for a half day last Saturday, his office is not far from Harajuku area, so Sidra and me went along and we had a little walk by ourselves in Omotesando Hills.

Suddenly there was a guy came to us and told me that he wanted to photograph Sidra for a street style section in a kid’s fashion magazine. I asked Sidra about it and he agreed, so we went with him to meet the photographer. Standing beside the photographer was a familiar face, it was the editor of Sesame magazine that we met last year for the fashion shoot in Tottori!

He seemed surprised too to see us and immediately remember ‘Shidora’, the Indonesian boy. He was also surprised to know that now Sidra can speak Japanese. The editor gave me some form to fill and his assistant took notes of what Sidra was wearing. After the snapshot was taken, he told me that the picture would be published in their January edition and he would send me the magazine.

Then we resumed our walk, (me) feeling a bit, uh, nostalgic to see these fashion stylists working on a weekend day. A memory of my old life not so long time ago.

Sesame Surprise!

Sesame magazine
Last July, Sidra was invited to be a model for a fashion spread in Sesame magazine (a Japanese kid’s fashion and lifestyle magazine), autumn issue. The photoshoot took place in Tottori sand dunes and museum, Tottori prefecture, Japan. When the issue was published, of course they sent one copy to us, and I thought that was it.

So I was very surprised when one day the postman brought an envelope for us, containing the latest issue of Sesame magazine, the winter edition. I really like this magazine, but it’s rather hard to find them in bookstores around the neighbourhood. It’s really nice that they sent us a free copy of my favorite magazine.

That wasn’t all, because the next day, the postman brought us another surprise. This time, the envelope contained a vest and a pair of pants from this brand, another gift from Sesame magazine.

Sesame surprise

And they are indeed very nice outfit. Love them and love Sesame magazine!
Sidra loves the outfit too, that boy likes good clothes.
Sesame surprise