Sesame Surprise!

Sesame magazine
Last July, Sidra was invited to be a model for a fashion spread in Sesame magazine (a Japanese kid’s fashion and lifestyle magazine), autumn issue. The photoshoot took place in Tottori sand dunes and museum, Tottori prefecture, Japan. When the issue was published, of course they sent one copy to us, and I thought that was it.

So I was very surprised when one day the postman brought an envelope for us, containing the latest issue of Sesame magazine, the winter edition. I really like this magazine, but it’s rather hard to find them in bookstores around the neighbourhood. It’s really nice that they sent us a free copy of my favorite magazine.

That wasn’t all, because the next day, the postman brought us another surprise. This time, the envelope contained a vest and a pair of pants from this brand, another gift from Sesame magazine.

Sesame surprise

And they are indeed very nice outfit. Love them and love Sesame magazine!
Sidra loves the outfit too, that boy likes good clothes.
Sesame surprise

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