Shrink plastic keychains

I found these sheets of shrink plastic in a 100 yen store for, uh, obviously, 100 yen each. These are basically flexible plastic sheets which, when heated in an oven, shrink to small hard plates without altering their color or shape. Each package contain one A5 (148 × 210 mm) size plastic sheet, two B6 (125 × 176 mm) size sheets, and two keychains holder. I ‘ve been curious about these shrinly dinks and I thought Sidra would love playing with them too.

I told Sidra to draw something on white paper, then trace it on plastic and color it. So Sidra drew this thing (a robot? a monster?) and colored it. We already have a set of permanent markers in 6 colors so I didn’t have to buy them. The whole coloring process went pretty easy.

After he finished the drawing, I cut it out and punched a hole on top for the chains. Then I put it on a sheet of aluminium foil and placed it in the oven. We peeked through the oven door and watched the magic. The plastic curled unto itself and shrinked so quickly! It happened in less than a minute. I took it out and pressed it with a dishcloth for a while to straighten it out. It has shrinked to about one-fourth of its original size and thickened a bit.

Sidra was ecstatic to see the whole process. Well, I was too. It was so much fun and easy that he made some more. His schoolbag was already full with keychains, but he took them all off and put the new ones that he just made. Nothing can beat your DIY plastic keychains!

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