Month: July 2009

All made up and nowhere to go

I should be packing by now because we’re going for summer vacation the day after tomorrow. And I should be folding my dresses neatly to be put in the luggage instead of making a new one. But yeah, I just… can’t… resist….. But how could you resist this lovely fabric from Kokka? The fabric is called Girly & Bitter, designed by Asuka for Nina’s sewing factory line. It has birds, buttons, scissors, bunnies, stars, candies, mushrooms, girls, basically every pretty things on it. This dress is made without pattern, it’s simply smaller rectangles for bodice and bigger ones for the skirt. […]

Pig and polkadot bag (and pencil pouch)

When my husband saw these oilcloth bags, he said that he’d be very happy to have an oilcloth bag in a more, uh, manly pattern. I’ve been eyeing this oilcloth fabrics from Echino line by Etsuko Furuya, so I was happy to find the opportunity to sew them. I pick this interesting black oilcloth with white rings and grey pigs on it. For some reason, some of the pigs have black spiderwebs on their back. The orange polkadot is also from Echino, but it’s thick cotton instead of oilcloth. Both fabrics have purple selvedge that I incorporated on the pockets […]

Oilcloth bags and girl’s dress & hat set

This is a bag that I made as birthday gift for a friend of Sidra. The bag is reversible with oilcloth fabric in different Curious George pattern on both sides and has detachable straps. Actually it is so hard to find a perfect gift for a 7 years old boy! I decided on this bag because the shape is simple and the fabric is easy to clean. It is also can be used to carry swimwear and can be toss around on the beach. As it is reversible, the bag can be easily turned over when the inside is wet […]

Racerback knit dress/swimsuit coverup

I found this double-gauze knit fabric from nani IRO line in Yuzawaya, and immediately fell in love with its simple but adorable pattern. The fabric is 80 cm in width, so I decided to make a simple dress that can be worn over my swimsuit. Perfect for summer! The shape of the dress is very simple, I make it very wide with enormous armhole and racerback shape. I finished the armhole and neckline by sewing strips of the same fabric, leaving the raw edges show. As the fabric is double-gauze, the bindings show layers of raw edges curling together. The […]

Dropped crotch sunsuit #2

After wearing my elephant print romper in several occasions, I grew to like it very much. So I decided to make another one for my shop. As nehmah from burdastyle have suggested, I call this ‘sunsuit’ instead of ‘romper’. Sunsuit sounds adorable! This time I’m using Sevenberry cotton fabric with ochre bird and leaves print on it. I make the straps detachable for easier wear, and then I found out that this means that this sunsuit can also be worn as pants! I’m actually very nervous about making clothes for other people. When I make clothes for myself, or my […]

Linen wallets

A friend asked me if I could make her a women’s wallet from linen. I’ve never made one, so this sounded challenging and I agreed to try it. I’ve made a billfold wallet for Sidra before, but wasn’t very satisfied with the result. The wallet was too thick to be put under the sewing machine foot, so I had to finish the topstitchings by hand. To make my first try on the women’s wallet, I tried following a tutorial found in the net. There were so many pieces and measurement. From the very beginning, the wallet just wasn’t too neat, […]

Reversible bag winner!

It’s time to pick the winner of my reversible bag giveaway. I used to pick a random winner and the winner is Karencilla from Little Sweet Hearts! Congratulation, Karen! Please send me your shipping address at so I can send your bag immediately. Hope you will love it! Thank you so much to everyone for participating in my first giveaway!

My first Etsy sale!

It’s only been 3 days since I opened the etsy shop, so I didn’t really expect anything going on. But yesterday I got an email from etsy notifying that I’ve just got a bag sold! Somebody actually want to buy them! Really? I just couldn’t stop smiling all day. And I’m still not sure how to package the bag and everything. Oh my, I should have been more prepared. Finally I decided to put the bag in a simple tote bag made from some reclaimed fabric (woohoo making another bag!) . Does it look like a pillow?My nice husband made […]

Dropped crotch romper

Being more of a dress person, I’ve never thought much about this romper trend before. But maybe they kinda grew on me since I saw them around the net so much. So when I found this cotton fabric with black and white elephant print on it, I decided to give a take on romper. The pattern is very simple, I only lengthened the top of a dropped-crotch pants until it reached my chest. Then I created rows of elastic shirrings on the bodice part to create a tight fit. Since my elastic strings are a bit thick, I enclosed them […]