Linen wallets

A friend asked me if I could make her a women’s wallet from linen. I’ve never made one, so this sounded challenging and I agreed to try it.

I’ve made a billfold wallet for Sidra before, but wasn’t very satisfied with the result. The wallet was too thick to be put under the sewing machine foot, so I had to finish the topstitchings by hand.

To make my first try on the women’s wallet, I tried following a tutorial found in the net. There were so many pieces and measurement. From the very beginning, the wallet just wasn’t too neat, and when I sewed the outer layer and flipped it out, it just looked like disaster. I tried to start over, but when I unpicked the stitches, the fabric ripped on the corners. And to make it worse, the zipper stuck! This is disgusting.

I decided to make my own pattern for the next attempt, I wanted much less pieces so as not to get confused. So I made the lower part of the zippered pocket, the outer layer, and the card pockets all in one piece. The card pockets are one piece folded together like an accordion. No little pieces!

Linen wallet

The wallet has 4 card slots (I’ve wanted to make 6 card slots but mysteriously ended with 4), a zippered pocket for coins, and 2 long pockets for money. The wallet opens and shuts with heart-shaped velcro sewed on its wide tab. For added structure, the wallet also has iron-on interfacing for added structure.

The result is definitely better than my first (failed) attempt. So I made another one from pink linen with various different pattern on it.

Linen wallet
I showed the wallets to my friends over lunch today, and they love it! Now both wallets have gone and I’m just happy that some people like them \(^.^)/
Linen wallets

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  • Laura

    Hi, your wallet is great! I would like to make one. Is possible to have the instructions?
    Thank you

  • Karen Barnett

    Do you have the instructions or tutorial for your beautiful linen wallets? I would love to make one for my mother. You are very talented.

    • You can check the tutorial section.

  • ThanhTam

    super cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3

  • Cfaith

    Where are the instructions to make it?

  • acadia

    SO adorable!

  • Shimmy Shake

    That wallet is very sweet. I love a handmade wallet and purchased one off of ETSY. I do wish I could make one myself – I just need more practice.

  • Bren

    Hi verypurplestuff, I found your blog while browsing other blogs and I was very inspired by your creations. I really like the clothes that you make 🙂

  • verypurpleperson

    Curry, I just saw your wallet! It's wonderful and very well-made! The fabric is adorable.

    Lunapetal, I know that feeling when your project turn into disaster. I know I have to accept it as part of the experience, but I still feel so bad when it happens!

    Applesushi, thank you! My friend loves the velcro too ^.^

    Vantiani, oh maybe I will, I want to make these wallets again. But I think I'd prefer fabrics with stronger colour, these ones are a little bit too sweet for me ^.^

  • Karencilla

    that's such a cute wallet!

  • vantiani

    Oh sounds like a good idea too for making some and put them at your etsy, novita;)

  • Applesushi

    Such cute wallets, i love the heart shaped velcro!

  • lunatepetal

    super cute! all the hard work was totally worth it :)!

    and I am sorry to say,,,
    but good to know you also have some troubles with sewing sometimes. I guess I don't have to feel bad about myself when my sewing project turns into a disaster 😛 (and this happens more often than I'd like to… 🙁 )

  • Curry

    Very cute! I just made myself a wallet not too long ago.