Oilcloth bags and girl’s dress & hat set

Oilcloth bags

This is a bag that I made as birthday gift for a friend of Sidra. The bag is reversible with oilcloth fabric in different Curious George pattern on both sides and has detachable straps.

Actually it is so hard to find a perfect gift for a 7 years old boy! I decided on this bag because the shape is simple and the fabric is easy to clean. It is also can be used to carry swimwear and can be toss around on the beach. As it is reversible, the bag can be easily turned over when the inside is wet or dirty.

Hopefully the boy will find the bag useful. However, when Sidra saw the bag, he announced that he wanted the same bag. So here’s another one for him.


When I bought the oilcloth fabrics, I also found this pink fabric with vintage-inspired kid’s clothing and pattern pieces on it. It is so cute that I just had to buy it, it is so perfect for little girls, although I’ve never made little girls’ stuffs before. Fortunately Sidra’s friend has this cute little sister, so I can make my first little girl’s dress to give to her.

The dress is very simple, shaped almost like a paper pattern. I use the fabric selvedge on the bottom of the dress. It has invisible zipper on back and the armholes and neckline are finished by linen bindings. I also made a hat to go with the dress, white Indian cotton on the outside and the pink fabric on the inside and the hat band.

When I saw it on the girl, I think whoever says that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice is really telling the truth.

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