Pig and polkadot bag (and pencil pouch)

Pig and polkadot bag
When my husband saw these oilcloth bags, he said that he’d be very happy to have an oilcloth bag in a more, uh, manly pattern. I’ve been eyeing this oilcloth fabrics from Echino line by Etsuko Furuya, so I was happy to find the opportunity to sew them.

I pick this interesting black oilcloth with white rings and grey pigs on it. For some reason, some of the pigs have black spiderwebs on their back. The orange polkadot is also from Echino, but it’s thick cotton instead of oilcloth. Both fabrics have purple selvedge that I incorporated on the pockets and tabs for shoulder strap. The shoulder strap are ordinary black strap, I sewed a strip of the orange fabric on it. After the bag is done, I made this pencil pouch from the scraps.
Pig and polkadot pencil pouch

The main thing about sewing oilcloth is, you can’t make any mistake because the needle marks can’t be erased. The tension must be adjusted too, so a lot of scrap test before started sewing is really recommended. But with a design as simple as this, sewing oilcloth is not as hard as I thought it would be.
Pig and polkadot bag
Now here’s the man in pink T-shirt with his new bag. He was very happy when he got home from work and saw the bag. I don’t know about being manly, though, but we don’t care about it ^.^

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