Bather bunny brooch

The problem with having a kid in the house is you get a lot of outgrown clothes in such a short time. I can give them away if the conditions are still good, and use the stained ones as rags. But there’s still too many of them, and I don’t need that much of rags either.

So today I made an experiment with one of Sidra’s shirt. I cut it into long strip of fabric, about 1.5 cm in width, and crocheted it into a circle using 10 mm hook.

Bather bunny brooch
Then I took an acrylic drawing that my husband made sometime ago. Here’s the link to his drawing. It is a reinterpretation of a Renoir painting, ‘Bather with crossed legs’, but he turned it into a bather bunny. Yeah, he’s weird like that. With his permission, I printed the drawing to a sheet of iron-on special fabric and ironed it to a piece of muslin. Then I just sewed it to another fabric, with some quilt batting between them.

I sewed the crochet circle to the bunny, tucking the frayed edges under the circle, and sewed a safety pin on the back of the brooch. Voila!

Now we have fun with the pictures.
Bather bunny brooch 

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  • vitarlenology

    thanks for this idea..brilliant 🙂

  • fraisedesbois

    I love it. Genius. You are so resourceful. I love the pin. Awesome and fun!
    Have a great day! All the best. Thanks for sharing online your cool creations. Cheers!:0)

  • EmilyKate

    I love it! It’s simple, clever, and stylish. Great refashion!