I’d rather sew

I feel like I haven’t sewed anything for months, then I looked at my blog and found out that my last project was only a little more than 2 weeks ago. But it is sure felt like a long time because I’ve been feeling so uncreative these last few days, and I really don’t like feeling that way.

To coax myself back into making things, I tried to make this little recycle project. This T-shirt was bought for ¥100 in a secondhand shop, I rather like the seventies feeling of it. But it was a bit too tight on me and it also turned out to have little holes on the hem. Basically I just chopped it off and used the pieces to make a new T-shirt for Sidra, nothing too fancy. I used a T-shirt pattern from a Japanese pattern book.

Well, I think it looks nice, Sidra got a new T-shirt, and at least I feel better about myself

Pattern is from simple+one.

Bather bunny brooch

The problem with having a kid in the house is you get a lot of outgrown clothes in such a short time. I can give them away if the conditions are still good, and use the stained ones as rags. But there’s still too many of them, and I don’t need that much of rags either.

So today I made an experiment with one of Sidra’s shirt. I cut it into long strip of fabric, about 1.5 cm in width, and crocheted it into a circle using 10 mm hook.

Bather bunny brooch
Then I took an acrylic drawing that my husband made sometime ago. Here’s the link to his drawing. It is a reinterpretation of a Renoir painting, ‘Bather with crossed legs’, but he turned it into a bather bunny. Yeah, he’s weird like that. With his permission, I printed the drawing to a sheet of iron-on special fabric and ironed it to a piece of muslin. Then I just sewed it to another fabric, with some quilt batting between them.

I sewed the crochet circle to the bunny, tucking the frayed edges under the circle, and sewed a safety pin on the back of the brooch. Voila!

Now we have fun with the pictures.
Bather bunny brooch 

Some kind of tutorial for cowl and hand-warmers

A cowl and a pair of hand-warmer

My first tutorial! Well, sort of. As I’m being asked about how I recyled a scarf into a cowl and hand-warmers, I made this, uh, simple drawings on how to make them.

I hope the drawings can explain itself. The scarf I used measured about 120×45 cm. It has to be a bit stretchy as it’ll be worn over the head. I think old T-shirt can also be made into this cowl and hand-warmers.

Basically, the scarf is cut along the dashed lines (and also along the middle width of the scarf). The upper part will be made into 2 pairs of hand-warmers, while the lower part will be the cowl.

There are no exact measurements as every fabric has different stretch.

Some kind of tutorial for cowl and hand-warmers

The hand-warmers are basically just rectangles sewn into tubes. Before they are sewn, fit the rectangles over the wrist to find the right measurement. Mine is about 16 cm in circumference. Trim the excess fabric and sew them into tubes, leaving several centimetres unstitched to make a hole for the thumb. Fold the upper and lower edge about 2 cm to the inside and stitch, zig-zag stitches are recommended. I leave the inside edge of the seams unfinished, but zig-zag stitches can be used on them to keep from fraying, it depends on the type of the fabric.

Cut the cowl according to the lines, and stich the sides together. Fold the upper edge about 2-3 cm to the inside and stitch using zig-zag stitch. Finish the inside seams if necessary. There you go!

Link: A cowl and a pair of hand-warmers

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Recycled green shirt

This green striped shirt used to be mine, but I rarely wear it because somehow it didn’t hang well on my body. So I recycled it to a top for my son.

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