Red cable mittens

Red cable mitts
After seeing me with my grey mittens, Sidra promptly requested a pair of similar mittens with ‘snakes’, but in different color. There’s some red wool in my stash, so I use it to make Sidra’s request.

I couldn’t find any pattern that fit the yarn or the cable pattern, so I bravely decided to create my own, based loosely on Bella’s Mitten pattern that I used for my grey mittens. And just for fun, the left one has a strip of grey, while the right one has a grey thumb. The pattern was just made up as I was knitting it, but stupidly enough I didn’t take any notes. As it can be seen here, the top parts of the mittens are not the same because I forgot the decreases order. I also think that the mittens are a bit too short.

Although they are not perfect, Sidra was absolutely happy with his mittens. He wears them everyday now.

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