Grey flared pants

Grey flared pants Grey flared pants

A leftover project! The fabric is grey wool blend leftover from my husband’s pants. It was quite a lot so initially I cut them for my pants, but something went wrong and I ended up with two left legs (>_<). So I cut them again to make a pair of pants for Sidra.

The pattern is from a Japanese pattern book, シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服. I’ve used this pattern before for Sidra’s corduroy pants, but this time I changed the shape of the legs, flaring them a bit. This is a similar alteration that I did on my husband’s pants. The pants has patch pockets and a little triangle detail on the back.

I also lengthen the legs a lot. I’m tired with all Sidra’s pants becoming too short in just a couple of months. I was worried that they might be too long this time, but Sidra said he liked the length of his new pants. I think the new length made him look taller!

Grey flared pants Grey flared pants

Grey flared pants Grey flared pants

Pattern is #14 from シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服 with legs flared.

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  • It is a beautiful blog of yours. Since we share the same interest in the sewing of clothes I invite you to go through the mine “El Baul de las Costureras” where you might find interesting tutorials. Greetings from a Venezuelan Chile.

  • Innana

    He’s a true little model… So cute 😀 And the pant fit him perfectly…

  • I’m very jealous of your fabulous finishing techniques. And you’re little boy is so adorable in these!

  • These are lovely and so beautifully finished as usual. I love all your finishing touches. 🙂

  • zhengirl57

    I feel so nostalgic, Sidra looks so tall! I remember those post about him when he was 4-5 years old. He’s a litlle handsome young man now 🙂 congratulations for your super Cute kid!

  • These are super cute! Great job!

  • très beau pantalon 🙂 bonne fêtes à toi!

  • These look amazing. I’ve never tried my hands on pants yet but I’m determined to build up my courage and have a go at them! I love that green monster top as well; would look cute on my 2 year old nephew :o)