Sarong monpe pants

Sarong monpe pants Sarong monpe pants

Another monpe pants for my husband because he really loves the first couple of pants that I made him several months ago. The pants have elasticated waist, no side seams, one front pocket, and knee patches on the inside. The fabric is Indonesian sarong that I bought in Indonesia in summer holiday. It is cotton so the pants are actually more suitable for summer. I should make him another pair for autumn!
Sarong monpe pants Sarong monpe pants
The monpe pattern is from Japanese shop Unaginonedoko.  This is quite an easy pattern. If you can make a pajama pants, I think you wouldn’t have too much trouble with this pattern. If you’d like to buy the pattern, Unaginonedoko do international shipping for worldwide customers. The English page is now being prepared, and for the time being you can contact their email address for purchase: If you have Instagram, you can also check out their profile: UNAGINONEDOKO

PS: I’m not affiliated with Unaginonedoko, merely passing the info.

Pattern is Monpe pants by Unaginonedoko (Japanese), size N. Contact for purchase.

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