Monpe pants

Monpe pantsI was in LOFT department store in Shibuya when I stumbled upon an exhibition featuring monpe pants by Unaginonedoko. At that time I had no idea what monpe mean, but I was really attracted to the colors and especially the relaxed shape of those pants.

Later I searched about monpe and found out that it is a kind of Japanese work pant. Made from durable work and characterized by its loose waist and narrow ankle, monpe was usually worn by women to work in the older days. Nowadays, modern version of monpe is made with elasticated waist and worn by both men and women.
Monpe pants
My further research (googling) led me to finding this monpe sewing pattern by Unaginonedoko that I immediately ordered. FYI, the name Unaginonedoko means eels’s bed, which is a pretty funny name. The pants have no side seam, one front patch pocket, and knee patches on the inside. Three sizes are included in the pattern: S (slim) for waist 65-85 cm and hip 110 cm, N (normal) for waist 66-86 cm and hip 120 cm, and W (wide) for waist 70-90 cm and hip 130 cm, all sizes have 66 cm inseam. The pattern is only available in Japan.
Monpe pants Monpe pants
I made two pairs of monpe for my husband. The first one is made with dark navy corduroy with diagonal lines. The fabric was not enough for the whole length, so I patched the hem with black fabric. I used the same black fabric for the knee patches. This is actually a muslin version, but my husband really loved it so I made him another pair.
Monpe pants Monpe pants

The second monpe is made with red Japanese katsuragi fabric, 100% cotton as he has always wanted a pair of red pants. I added a bit of length to the hem, that way it can be rolled up if wanted.
Monpe pants Monpe pants
Monpe pants Monpe pants

These pants are very comfortable because of the elasticated waist and loose shape. Made with the right fabric, they are perfect for summer. My husband loves both pants and have been wearing them regularly, putting his handmade jeans to rest for a while.

The pattern is actually a very simple with only one piece. I’m pretty sure that any pajama pants pattern with no side seam can be used to make a similar one. Sewing them is such an instant gratification because it was done so fast!
Monpe pants

Pattern is Monpe pants by Unaginonedoko (Japanese), size N. Only available in Japan.

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  • Elizabeth Costello

    Hi I know old post but wondered if knee pads helped hysband when bending or kneeling. Was it an obvious comfort over “regular” pants?

  • HW

    SO the pattern only makes mens’ pants? I would love a pair for myself (woman!)

    • the pattern is unisex.

  • RosemaryCP

    Would the monpe pattern be available at Kinokuniya Bookstore here in the USA ????Just wondering…..

    • I don’t think so. Never saw it in any bookstore here.

  • Looks really comfy and stylish at the same time! I wish we had that pattern in the States.

  • Rachel K.

    These pants appear to be comfy and practical without looking sloppy. Win! 🙂

  • They look very comfortable. The color combinations with the shirts are great.

  • These are super cool! Pity the pattern is only available in Japan 🙁

  • Jen l

    Great summer pants! I was really curious and did some online research on Monpe pants myself. Must have been an interesting exhibit at LOFT.

    • It was very interesting! Especially because they use traditional Japanese kasuri fabric for the pants.

  • Nice pants! Where is the fire hydrant in the last photo?? Your husband seems like such a cool guy, especially since he wants you to make and actually wears red pants!

    • The fire hydrant is actually underground a few meters in front of the sign 😀