more knitting

Yes, that’s the yellow yarn again. I call them my learning yarn. After I finished my first knitting project, I still have 4 skeins of them that I use for trying out stitches. Yoshimi has so kindly sent me a pack of JP10 double-pointed needles, so I am now learning to knit in the round. At first, it seemed so scary,tth there are needles everywhere! The few initial stitches are still wobbly, but I think the rest of it is okay. When it reaches a certain height, I will begin to learn knitting decrease stitches.

Anyway, I’ve also finished sewing some more clothes for Sidra. But he’s down with chickenpox right now, so I don’t take pictures of it yet. It is just some simple shirt and navy pants that he needs for his school concert next month. I can just buy some, but I’m planning not to buy any new clothes for now. It’s just much more fun making them myself!

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