One year with Fuwawa

One year with Fuwawa

One year with Fuwawa

One year ago we met Fuwawa for the first time. She has lived as a breeding dog for the first seven years of her life until the breeder had to close down. Initially, the breeder wanted to put down all of their Chinese Crested dogs but fortunately they didn’t have enough money to do so. They handed all the dogs to the ARK shelter instead, who then sent Fuwawa to us to be fostered.

The first few days in our house, Fuwawa was still very nervous and spent most of her time hiding in her crate. She was debarked by the breeder so she couldn’t make a sound. I wonder if that is one of the reasons she looked so sad. When she got excited, she seemed to want to bark, but the effort often make her coughing.

After several weeks, Fuwawa has already trusted us and can get relaxed when we touched her. Dogs are wonderful creatures, they don’t hold grudges and always live in the present. Fuwawa still gets easily nervous when there’s a loud noise or too many people around. When she got scared, she would look at us for reassurance. I’m happy that she can trust human again.

We adopted Fuwawa after fostering her for a month. Now she spends her days sleeping on the couch. She is still not interested in toys or playing with other dogs. But I think as long as she’s feeling safe, it doesn’t matter what she does all day. She is a bit active when she just wakes up, then she would try to wake me or my husband by scratching our heads. Sometimes she plays too! She would circle around and run around the room in the morning. She also loves to follow me so closely that I often bump into her.

I hope she is happy with us and that we can have the opportunity to love her for a long time. Thank you for coming into our lives, we love you Fuwawa!

Goodbye Shoronpo and Hello Shake!

Goodbye Shoronpo!

Goodbye Shoronpo!

A couple of weeks ago we said goodbye to Shoronpo as he has finally found a forever home! It is always a bittersweet moment when it happened. We are happy though to see him go and will always remember the time when he is in our home. Congratulations Shoronpo!


Shoronpo the Chihuahua

Shoronpo and Fuwawa

Shoronpo and Fuwawa

After Shoronpo left, we welcomed Shake, an 11 years old female dachshund. Her name means ‘salmon fish’ in Japanese and it is pronounced like ‘shock-eh’. When her previous owner had to move out of their home, for some reason they couldn’t take Shake with them so she was brought to the shelter. She actually came to the shelter with her son, but he got adopted sometime ago. Here is Shake’s profile page in ARK website.

Shake doesn’t act like an old dog at all! She is very sweet, confident, and playful. She’s toilet-trained with pee sheet and has never made mistake in our house. I found out that Shake also understand several commands like come, sit, stay, handshake, and down (in Japanese). Maybe she knows more commands that I haven’t found out!

Shake the Dachshund

Shake the Dachshund

Shake is so sweet and well-behaved, she must have had lots of love and attention from her previous wner. I feel sad thinking about them, they must be heartbroken to be in situation where they couldn’t keep Shake and her son anymore.

Shake is now already looking very comfortable around the house. She loves to jump on my husband’s or my lap and is not shy asking for attention. I often find her staring at me with her round, loving eyes. I’m almost falling in love with her! Too bad that she and Fuwawa doesnt get along very well. Fuwawa loves to sleep all day and she gets angry if Shake makes too much noise playing with her toys (-_-).

Shake the Dachshund

Shake the Dachshund

I’m not too worried though as long as they don’t find and just ignore each other. Fuwawa never gets along with any of the fosters anyway. Maybe if one day we find the one that Fuwawa really likes, we will think about adopting another. For now, we will love Shake for the time she is with us and hope that she find a loving home soon!

Goodbye Shiitake and Hello Shoronpo!

welcome banner

Welcome Shiitake and Ribbon – picture from ARK facebook page

Shiitake finally found his forever family after more than three months in foster care! I was beginning to worry that he wouldn’t get adopted because he was so shy of strangers.

Shiitake was fine at home with us, but at the adoption events he would hide in a corner so nobody would see him.He befriended another foster dog called Hara, where he met when he sometimes stayed in another foster family. She was about the same size and age as Shiitake, and just as shy as him too. At adoption events they would crumple together and hide.

Then a family came to adopt Shiitake after seeing his profile on ARK page. When they saw Shiitake and Hara together, they fell in love with Hara and decided to adopt her too! It was quite a rare incident that two big sized dogs could get adopted together! When the girls from the family saw Hara, she was wearing a ribbon, so they wanted to give her a new name: ‘Ribbon’. It was such a great news for both dogs. From now on, they will be together forever.

Shiitake and Ribbon were brought by ARK staff to their forever family last week. When they arrived, they were greeted with presents and a welcome banner. Isn’t that so sweet?


Ribbon and Shiitake – picture from ARK facebook page


Days with Shiitake


Shiitake the dog


Shiitake and Fuwawa

Although I missed Shiitake but I’m so happy for both of them! He found the best family, and got to go there with his best friend. Congratulations Shiitake, thank you for all the sweet memories! Wishing you a wonderful life with many parks to run in and birds to chase!

Family picture with Shiitake

Goodbye Shiitake!

Now that this chapter is closed, we moved on to the next one. This is Shoronpo the chihuahua! he is a 4-5 years old male chihuahua, found wandering in the park. Here is his profile page in ARK. You can see that he is very adorable!

His profile mentioned that he has some trust issues, but so far he hasn’t shown any problem. He’s very healthy, active, and curious. I think he will find a family soon!


Dog fur bolero

Fur bolero Fur bolero

Fur bolero

Dog bolero

Why would a dog needs a fur bolero, considering that she already has fur all over? The answer is not important though! I think Fuwawa looks fabulous in it, don’t you agree?

The pattern is dog bolero from MillaMilla, my favorite Japanese pattern shop for dogwear pattern. They sell PDF pattern in their  Japanese site, English site, and Etsy store, I bought mine in the Japanase site. In MillaMilla store, you can buy pattern only without the instructions. I chose this option as the bolero is quite simple.

The fabric is faux fleece fur in shocking pink with floral lining, both fabrics are stretchy knits. The faux fleece fur is quite popular here in Japan during winter, usually made into socks or body warmer. Initially I used grosgrain ribbon as closure but it kept coming undone so I changed it into button closure. I think the white button adds a nice detail!

Fur bolero Fur bolero

PDF pattern is dog bolero by MillaMilla (Japanese version, English version), size M.

Shiitake the puppy



It has been more than 2 weeks into the new year but it is still January so I guess saying ‘Happy New year!’ is still okay. Well, happy new year!

This handsome pup just came to our house three days ago. he was born five months ago in a temple on the mountains by a stray dog mother. All the six puppies were rescued by the age of two months, they were hairless because of mange (skin disease) at that time. They were all named after mushrooms. You can read the story about them in ARK blog.

This one is called Shiitake, this is his profile page. He is gorgeous, smart, but extremely shy. The ARK shelter was hoping that Shiitake will learn to socialize with people and other dogs while he is in foster care.


Because he was so shy and timid, Fuwawa is not as stressed out as she was with the previous foster dogs. I think it is a good way too for Fuwawa to learn living with other dogs.

Shiitake had never interacted with a child before so we were a bit anxious to see how he is with Sidra. It turned out that he immediately liked Sidra. Shiitake always flinched a bit when my husband or I pet him, but he didn’t seem wary when Sidra touched him.

He began to understand the daily routine during the first two days. In the afternoon he can’t wait to go to the living room to sit beside Sidra. He loves to play with Sidra’s feet, licking him and even putting his head on Sidra’s lap. Sidra goes to sleep earlier than my husband and I, and Shiitake goes with him. Here he is giving Sidra a goodnight kiss.


I think I began to get a bit too attached to Shiitake though. He is so sweet and absolutely easy to train. He doesn’t bark, doesn’t chew stuff other than his toys (how does he know what things are okay to chew??), he does his business outside, and he is very observant of things around him. With proper socialization, I think he is perfect for a family dog. Sidra said that he hoped Shiitake will get adopted as soon as possible, before they both get too atached to each other.

Fuwawa having a nap

Fuwawa having a nap

In the sewing department of our home, I haven’t managed to get many things done other than the T-shirt that Shiitake is wearing. I tried to cut a pattern for a jacket yesterday when Fuwawa decided that it was a good time to nap….

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