Goodbye Bashu

Family picture with Bashu
I’ve been feeling a bit broken-hearted these couple of days since Bashu left. I know, I know, don’t let yourself get too attached. It turned out easier said than done. And Bashu had been with us for only two weeks!

Last Friday my husband and I took her to ARK office to meet her adopter. Coincidentally that day was also Bashu’s birthday, so I think it was a good day for her to start a new life. It was really nice to see her adopter and I quite easily imagined what a happy life Bashu has ahead of her. It makes me happy too.

daysbashu01 daysbashu02

We will have a vacation this week, and after that a new foster dog will come along. Will I let myself get too atached again? I probably will because I believe that loving them deeply even in that such a short time is much better for both of us. Why would I foster if I can’t love them, right?

Here’s a video of Bashu waiting for her dinner. She’s so precious ♥

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