Bashu the Chinese Crested

Meet our new foster pooch! Her name is Bashu, a 6 years old Chinese Crested. She came from a breeder who has closed down because of illness. Here’s her profile page (only in Japanese at the moment).


We picked her up last Sunday at the adoption event in DOGSIGN in Jingumae. She came from Osaka with Kimchi, another Chinese Crested from the same breeder, both of them were very nervous that day. They stayed close together and were quite jumpy. I understood though, there were 2 playful huskies and one big dog playing fight the whole time!



Once got home, Bashu was very excited when entering the house. She checked every room and smelled everything. She whined and howled a couple of times in her first night, and sounded very sad. Maybe she missed her family.

For some reason, she really likes Sidra. I guess maybe because Sidra held her a lot at the adoption event. She followed Sidra everywhere and whined when Sidra went upstairs (she was afraid to climb the stairs). Yesterday Sidra went out for 30 minutes to go to his friend’s house, Bashu sat in front of the door the whole time whining and howling. I tried to console her and asked her to go with me but she just ignored me. It is very sad but also cute.

It is her third day now and she has started to settle down. She’s very healthy and playful. It seems that she was well cared by the breeder. We walked her twice a day and she’s always very excited. At home, Bashu always stays close to Sidra, sitting beside him when he plays game. I hope she will be okay next week when Sidra goes to 5 days summer camp!

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  • Oh she is adorable!

  • GeolGrad

    Wow what a cutie! and a chinese crested with fur is lovely to see.
    I remember when we adopted our “furbaby” Dogbert, 2 years ago and he whined the entire 1st night. I can only assume that he was scared leaving the noisy kennels and entering a new quiet home with no idea where he fit in the pack.
    Bashu appears to have bonded with Sidra the sameway Dogbert did with my partner. She obviously feels safe with him and understands her position with him. Dont worry about being ingored, sadly its part of the process as she determines who is alpha.
    Looking forward to see her progress as the other two have done.

  • Bashu is so cute!!!! She really looks like a sweet girl. I bet she will get more confident in no time. When we first adopted Doug, he was glued to me all the time and would follow me everywhere I went, but now he’s more confident and probably spends more time snuggling with my husband than with me! I love reading your foster dog updates– they’re so cool!

    • What an adorable pooch! Maybe she needs a locket with a photo of Sidra in it to tide her over til his return!