Dog onesies

Dog onesies Dog onesies

Winter is not the most enjoyable time for a 7 years old Chinese Crested and 14 years old Chihuahua, I made them these onesies so they can do their daily activities comfortably. When I say daily activities, it means sleeping all day on their heated dog bed.

The pattern is Dog coverall by MillaMilla, size M for Fuwawa and size S for Okowa.  The onesies have open tummy and backside elastic around the tummy so they will stay in place. The pattern actually has waist seam so different fabric can be used to make it looks like separate top and pants. I omitted the seam and joined the pattern to make  simple onesies.

I made a muslin first for Fuwawa’s onesie using old T-shirt and it turned out that the bodice had to be shortened a bit. This version is made with stretch flannel in leopard print. Okowa’s onesie is made with leftover zebra print jersey from my dress. The fit is okay except that I had to shorten the legs a bit and tighten the elastic. The zebra print is also a bit thin so I plan to make another one for Okowa. I would consider this one a muslin.

Dog onesies Dog onesies

They don’t seem to thrilled about wearing the onesies though, but I guess no dogs ever get excited about clothes anyway. The good thing is they don’t shiver anymore in the morning when we just got out of the bedroom. The onesies also amused a lot of people who saw them in their daily walk so that must be another good thing, right?

Dog onesies Dog onesies

Pattern is Dog coverall by Millamilla (PDF) size S and M.

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  • They are just so cute. I love how you use your spare fabric to whip up some clothes for the dogs. I have a patterns but just never get to making it up!

  • Oh my goodness! these are killing me! so cute! I follow on bloglovin and I purposely mark this as “unread” several times so it will show up in my feed over and over! adorable dogs in adorable clothes!

  • They look so cute!

  • ahahahaha! dogs in animal print… too cute!

  • Aw, they look so cute! You’re such a good dog mom.

  • Teeheehee! I love these! I need to make a few for my girl dog– she gets so cold in the winter, and I just have one hoodie that she wears over and over. After seeing your lady skater dress, I’m reallllly tempted to make something for her that matches me!

  • Ahahaha i love it!!! I’m not sure why but dogs in clothing never gets old for me

  • Aww, they look adorable in their onesies. I’ve recently realised how necessary dog clothes can be so thanks for the link to the pattern