iPad case

iPad case iPad case

We just got the new iPad last week and I made a case for it so I can bring it everywhere. You know, in case I need to play some DrawSomething….

The fabric is microsuede leftover from my zebra skirt, it is stiff enough so I didn’t need to use interfacing. For added protection, the case has thin batting between the layers of fabric. The flap closes with magnetic snap. It is such a simple case, finished in about 15 minutes. Instant gratification FTW!

iPad case

iPad case iPad case

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  • HT

    Super cute, love it!
    Just fyi, the electronic devices such as iPad shouldn’t be close to all magnetic things. It’ll ruin your devices.

  • Perfect! I need to make one of these, too. This version is so nice looking.

  • We love our iPad, I am sure you will enjoy yours! I just wanted to share that I have an iPad folding case ePattern that is a case and a stand. It is available on Etsy, http://www.Etsy.com/shop/sewspoiled. Your case is super cute.

  • Sara

    I too would love the instructions for the order in which to sew the seams. It’s lovely.

  • Kathy

    I would love a tutorial too. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • I like that drawing game as well. My 8 year old is hooked on Dragonvale, it really is quite cute! I like the fabric you have chosen for your case.

  • VERY CUTE!!!

  • Indeed that must have been such a gratifying make! Great inspiration for me to make a case for my laptop, thank you! 🙂

  • I just wanted to tell you I am a fan of your blog and am visiting Tokyo this week! This is my second time here but my first time shopping for fabric. So much inspiration! I love Tokyo! Especially having sushi at Tsukiji Market. I visited Tomato today but couldn’t spend too much time because my husband and son were with me. I wanted to ask you where to buy the cutest cotton knit fabrics and your favorite neighborhood for a fun dinner? Thank you!

    • verypurpleperson

      Hi Justine, hope you have fun in Tokyo!
      For cute cotton knit fabric, you can visit Yuzawaya or Cottonfield in Kichijoji area, it is also a fun area with lots of cute little shop and restaurant.

  • What a cute and simple project. I just got rid of my iPad because I got a computer (I didn’t have a computer for about a year. How terrible right?) but if I still had one, I would totally use your iPad case s inspiration. The print is amazing!

  • This is so cute (and functional)! I love it!

  • Eli

    Love the fabric and the case looks great. Is it just a rectangle folded up and if so, how do you sew the lining? I’m not sure i’ve even set up my machine in 15 minutes!

    • verypurpleperson

      It is a pair of rectangles but they were folded and sewed in certain order. There is no raw edges visible on the inside of the bag. Sounds complicated but actually it is quite simple. Maybe I should put up a tutorial 🙂

      • Teddi

        Yes! Please,
        A tutorial would be awesome!

      • Eli

        A tutorial would definitely be great if you get the chance. I love clean finishes inside and out and if they’re quick to do then all the better!

  • the case is so simple but elegant

  • Yay! Enjoy your new iPad AND the pouch!