Fuwawa the Chinese Crested

I haven’t introduced you to our fourth foster pooch! Her name is Fuwawa, she’s a 7 years old Chinese Crested like Bashu and even came from the same closed down breeder. Here is her profile page at ARK.

She came to our house the day after we came back from the Izu holiday a week ago. Due to some circumstances, this poor baby has moved several foster homes in such a short time. So it is understandable that she was quite stressed out in her first few days here. Fuwawa also takes some daily medications for her slight heart murmur.


Fuwawa spent the first few days hiding in her crate, but these last couple of days she seemed more relaxed. She has started approaching us first, asking to be petted and loving her tummy scratched. She even started to run around the house happily, even for just a few seconds.


I noticed that Fuwawa never made a sound though. When she (tried) to bark, all that came out was some whispering cough-like sounds. She didn’t cry or whine like Bashu, but just made some coughing or breathing noise. I wonder if she can bark at all. But otherwise she seems fine and is looking happier than before. She’s also not too crazy about food nor toys so it might be a bit difficult to train her. She’s properly house-trained, just that she doesn’t understand some basic commands.


Fuwawa is crazy about attention though! She is such a sweet creature, her face lightens up when she sees me and she loves licking my fingers. Some dogs are not very comfortable with touch but she just loves to be held and hugged. Her favorite thing is when my husband, Sidra, and I are all sitting around her and petting her. I hope she feels comfortable now and can find a forever home soon!

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