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Men’s shirt: first muslin

I started late for the Men’s shirt sew-along because I couldn’t find any cheap fabric for the muslin. That was a lie. It’s just that I always have trouble working with deadlines or going along with the others. This sew-along is not only a sewing challenge, but also a challenge to this tendency of mine. After kicking myself off the couch, I biked for ten minutes to the nearest fabric store and bought this cheap fabric. The store was not a regular fabric store, it was small, filled tightly with bolt and cut fabrics, old buttons, and dusty knick-knacks that […]

Three meters of black linen

I found this black linen in Yuzawaya sale last week, it was discounted pretty big so I bought 3 meters of it. I planned to make two pairs of shorts for my husband since the one he’s been using has already ripped at the seams. Actually he doesn’t mind the (big) rip, but it wasn’t a good sight to my eyes. Unfortunately, I made a mistake when sewing the elastic on the first pair of shorts. Unpicking all those stitches from elasticized waist is a bit too much for me, so I hacked off the shorts and turned it into […]

Men’s cropped pants

This is the first time I made a pair of men’s pants! The fabric is delicious black linen that I bought in Swany, Kamakura. The width of the fabric is 145 cm, but there was only 1.1 m left, not enough for a full length pants. Fortunately, my husband is all into cropped pants now, he started to roll up his other pants, so here’s some real cropped pants for him! I use Jochen pattern from Burdastyle, a basic men’s slacks pattern which leaves a lot of room for altering. Since I’m always nervous when making clothes for other people, […]

Blue waves shirts

I bought this cotton fabric in IKEA, it comes ready cut, 150 cm by 3 m. The pattern is called IKEA PS batik, and it is designed by Kazuyo Nomura, a textile designer. So I actually bought a piece of Japanese designer fabric in a Swedish home products retailer in its Tokyo chainstore. The fabric has blue waves on the borders, and I played with them to make a shirt for my husband and a shirt for Sidra. The shirts are similar, but the blue waves are in the opposite places. The patterns are for regular shirts, I changed them […]

Blue bags and the doomed fate of the birthday shirt

Remember this shirt? It’s a striped shirt that I made for my husband’s birthday a few months ago. Look at how comfortable and casual it looked. Well, the shirt has changed, in fact, it has transformed into this hideous thing! Please excuse my husband’s pose, but it was his own brilliant idea in order to present a clearer view of the deformed shape. Somehow the body of the shirt has shortened while the width is still the same. Then the armholes have shrunken so it looks like he’s wearing puffed sleeves T.T Maybe I chose the wrong fabric. But it’s […]

(Another) Striped T-shirt

It has been quite sometime since I made clothes for my husband. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about it, I want to make many things for him, but it’s that he doesn’t need any more clothes that he already has now. He takes care of his clothes and of course he doesn’t grow up quickly like Sidra that he always need some new clothes. I made him this jacket for his last birthday. He still wears it and it still look as good as new. I was thinking of making another jacket or a pair of pants, but then […]

The week when my internet went down

Our modem had a problem last week, and since it was provided by our apartment developer, my husband called them to ask for a new one. I couldn’t believe when they said it would take almost a week to send a new modem! What would I do without internet for a week? Erm, okay, I had to calm down. So I went to the sewing room. 1. Family boxers I always wanted to sew boxers for my husband, and finally found the perfect pattern for it in a Japanese pattern book that I borrowed from a local library. It went […]

very orange person

Now that I know that Japanese knitting needles size are different than US needles, I finally use them for my first ‘proper’ knitting! My husband likes the color orange and he wants a scarf with stripes of orange on it, so I made it with these super bulky orange and beige yarn and JP15/6.6 mm knitting needles. The yarn is a mix of nylon and wool and it has different widths on it, creating some interesting bumpy texture to the scarf. I knitted it in simple stockinette stitches, so the scarf kinda rolls into a tube. To complement the scarf, […]

His and his long-sleeved shirts

The fabric was bought in Nippori, in another fabric shopping trip with Yoshimi about 10 days ago. It’s a transparent knit fabric in beige colour, very soft and comfortable. I really like the fabric that I also bought another one in grey. I turned the fabric into these long-sleeved shirts for Sidra and my husband. The necklines are a bit wider than usual, and the neckline and bottom of the sleeves are finished in the similar way as my husband’s striped shirt (unfinished and zig-zag stitched).

Striped shirt

I’ve heard about Nippori textile town from sometime, but never got a chance to go there myself. It’s an area where the main street has about 100 fabric stores on each side. And last week, I finally had the opportunity to go there with three beautiful ladies who invited me to join them in a fabric shopping trip. They were so wonderful to show me around and told me which store to go for certain fabrics. As most names of the stores are in Japanese letter, they also marked the stores in the brochure map so I can find them […]