Birthday Hoodie (McCall’s 6614)

Hoodie (McCall Hoodie (McCall

Hoodie (McCall

Grey hoodie

Here’s the hoodie that I made for my husband’s birthday! I just realized that this is the first thing that I made for him this year, and it’s already October! I guess I’ve been spending too much time making things for myself. He never complained though. I’m sorry honey!


McCall’s 6614

The pattern is McCall’s 6614, bought on sale for $1.99. From the pattern envelope: MISSES’/MEN’S TOPS AND JACKET: Close-fitting, pullover tops have princess seams and narrow hem. A: purchased trim. A and B: neck band. Fitted jacket has hem band and exposed zipper. C and D: contrast lined hood. All have cuffs, and fit for men’s sizing. I made view D in size M with no pattern alteration.

The fabric is cotton jersey in light grey. Or maybe can be described as muddled white. My husband has a tendency to wear clothing in indescribable color. Like almost black, almost white, almost brown, or something between brown and grey. Sometimes we joke and call it ‘the homeless colors’ or ‘apocalypse colors’. So when I saw this fabric in the store, I knew that it will be perfect for him!

I sewed it the day before my husband’s birthday, being too preoccupied with Sidra’s Thriller jacket. I figured that I could spend the day making the hoodie, but then my husband said that he would work at home that day! So I pretended to finish Sidra’s jacket the whole time. He caught me sewing with the grey fabric but I tried to hide the overall shape.

Fortunately it was such a quick sewing, thanks to the serger! The whole thing was finished on the serger, except for the topstitching. I miscalculated when buying the fabric, so there was not enough fabric for the hood lining and front facing. I just left the hood unlined and sewed cotton twill tape along the zipper as facing. I’ve seen this kind of treatment in store-bought jacket.
Hoodie (McCall Hoodie (McCall

I also changed the zipper to go all the way to the hood. He can zip it up over his head if he wants too. I think it looks more fun that way. The zipper is the only prominent detail on the jacket as my husband loves simple clothing with tiny thoughtful detail.

Hoodie (McCall Hoodie (McCall

The jacket fits him right from the envelope! I was a bit worried because the color looked dull when I put it against my skin, but it looked great on him. He also loves the zipper placement, claimed that it was the first time he saw such detail.

Happy birthday darling! I love you forever and thank you for being the sweetest man in the world! Here’s to many birthdays in the future to celebrate together! ♥♥♥

Hoodie (McCall Hoodie (McCall

Pattern is McCall’s 6614 size M.

(Sewing) Life in 2011

Sewing in 2011

So, what happened in my life during the year 2011? Definitely a lot, but since this blog is supposed to be a sewing blog, I’m going to talk about everything sewing-related.

  1. One of the most important decision that I made was to close my etsy shop. There are so many things that I want to learn, and I feel that making things for the shop had taken too much of my time. I used to make easy and quick clothes that don’t need too much fitting, but this year I’ve learned to take more time for my projects for better results.
  2. I’ve started to use a vintage pattern drafting book in 2010 to draft several clothes. In 2011, I finally bought a vintage pattern on etsy and made a dress with it. I began to use more vintage patterns now.
  3. Made my first bathing suit!
  4. It was my dream to be able to make anything that I wear, including lingerie, but I was afraid to start. It seemed so difficult and complicated. But I finally gathered my courage to make my first set. Addicted ever since!
  5. It seems that 2011 is the year of firsts! I joined my first sew-along for Men’s shirt at Male Pattern Boldness using Negroni pattern from Colette. I made muslin and altered it to fit my husband’s body. After the sew-along, I have used this pattern numerous times to make shirts for him.
  6. Since joining the sew-along, I got interested to learn more about alteration for better fitting. I bought Fit for Real People and later Pants for Real People for this purpose.
  7. Another sew-along at Male Pattern Boldness, this time is for Men’s jeans. I learned to install jeans button, rivets, and made  button fly! My husband got himself a total of four pants out of this pattern. Thank you Peter for these sew-alongs!
  8. I found my waist! I always feel self-conscious about my body because of my scoliosis and asymmetrical hip. I always wore loose dresses to cover this imperfection. But sewing has made me learn to know my body better and I began to see that my imperfection is just a part of me, nothing to hide about. I began to make more fitted dresses and separates. But most of all, I love myself better now.
  9. I didn’t make too many projects with Japanese pattern books anymore. I used to make lots of clothing from them, the loose line was perfect for me. They are also easy and quick to sew with little or no alteration needed. I think my style has changed now. I’m 40 this year, so I want to look like a grown-up. Err… perhaps a little too late to say that?! Anyway, nothing is too late for anything!
  10. And of course, I got to see the blouse variation that I made for Burdastyle Sewing Handbook! Actually I made the project last year, but it is nice to finally see them printed in such a beautiful book this year.

I think 2011 has been a very good year for me. I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring! Happy New Year!

For me!

Red cardigan Flat collar blouse Spring dress - Mc Call High-waisted pants Purple tank Loose drape dress Grey linen dress Broken striped top Black shorts A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote Scallop hat Green Bathing suit Summer top Summer shorts Fuchsia top Lace shorts Red romper Button up skirt Corduroy skirt Kasia skirt Pendrell blouse and Kasia skirt Pendrell blouse and Kasia skirt Wrap dress Red cowl dress Minoru jacket Wide leg wool pants Taffy blouse Meringue skirt


White lace panties Peach and grey set

For Sidra:

Cockroach plush

Nature walk knit pants Skull and cross pants Boy Red parachute jacket Silver T-shirt Broken striped T-shirt Khaki pants Boy T-shirt Camel corduroy pants Boy Indigo blue corduroy shirt Grey flared pants

For my husband:


naniIRO Negroni shirt Pumila Men Pumila Men Shot cotton shirt Men Grey pants

Birthday pants

Yesterday was my husband’s 41st birthday! We made a little celebration in the morning, blowing candles and eating ice cream cake. Sidra gave my husband a handmade card with his own drawing on it and a little gift.

Grey pants Grey pants

Pumila MenAfter they left for work and school, I sewed a pair of pants for my husband’s present. Once again I use Men’s Jeans pattern from Pumila that I have made three times before. I wanted a more formal look this time so I didn’t use denim. The fabric is grey wool blend and I think it will be perfect for fall/winter. The wrong side of the fabric is smooth and has a bit of purple tone on it.

The pockets are changed back to slanted pockets as in the original pattern and the hem flared a little bit. I lined the pockets and waistband with striped lurik Indonesian fabric. The look is quite simple, no contrast topstitching or details.

I finished the pants in the afternoon and presented them to my husband when he came back from work. I was a bit worried about the fit because my husband never tried them on for fitting, it was supposed to be a surprise!

Fortunately the fit was wonderful! I guess making them four times in a row really did pay off. My husband loves the pants, especially the slightly flared hem. He’s wearing them to work right now.

Happy birthday, sayang! (it’s a nickname for the loved ones in Indonesian language, like ‘honey’ or ‘darling’) ♥♥♥


Grey pants Grey pants Grey pants Grey pants

Grey pants Grey pants

Grey pants Grey pants

Pattern is Men’s jeans from Pumila (paper pattern), altered.

Men’s Denim Pants

Men Men

A new pair of pants for my husband that I finished last week. The pattern is Men’s Jeans from Pumila, a Japanese pattern shop, with the same alteration as his previous jeans. The fabric is 8 oz Indigo denim by Robert Kaufman from Whipstitch fabrics, one of my Spring Top prizes.

Men Men

Since the weight of the fabric is only 8 oz, the pants are quite thin. I forgot to take this into account and didn’t interface the waistband. As a result, the waist area got a little bigger after a while and is not as snug as before. I think I will take it apart and fix it later. But other than that, my husband said that the pants, especially the fabric, are really comfortable. The fabric is 100% cotton as well, so this pair of pants is perfect for these hot and humid summer days.

Men Men

Prym rivets and jean buttons

Prym rivets and jean buttons

I use Prym rivets and jean buttons on this jeans. They come as kits pictured here, you make a hole on the jeans, put the rivet and the backing through the hole and hold them with the white plastic thing. Then you just pound the white plastic thing with a hammer.

These Prym kits are very practical, but I find the rivets and button styles are a bit limited. Next time I will try ordinary rivets and use heavier fabrics. Although my husband feels that the pants are comfortable, I think I prefer the look of heavier denim fabric.

Pattern is Men’s jeans from Pumila (paper pattern), altered.
Fabric is 8 oz Indigo denim by Robert Kaufman from Whipstitch fabrics


While we’re in the subject of making jeans, this is how Roy makes real jeans, found via Nikkishell:

Roy’s Jeans – Video by Self Edge from Self Edge on Vimeo.

Shot cotton shirt

Shot cotton shirt Shot cotton shirt

Shot cotton shirt

Sleeve detail

A shirt for my husband, made with Kaffe Fasset shot cotton in the color Persimmon. You might remember that I won the Best Top Judges’ Choice for the Spring Top sewalong last May. One of the many prizes is this 2 yards of Kaffe fasset shot cotton in from Pink Castle Fabrics.

Shot cotton has 2 different colors of threads woven together, creating a special color with certain depth. These pictures don’t do any justice as shot cotton fabric is more beautiful when it moves. The Persimmon color that I chose has orange and red threads woven together.

The pattern is my true and tested Negroni pattern that I’ve used about five times now, this time with double pockets and flap. I added a small detail on the sleeve hem, following a tutorial on this Lichen shot cotton shirt by Carolyn. You might even see that the whole shirt is inspired by Carolyn’s shirt, down to the shot cotton and the pockets (^_^;)

The topstitching is orange red, and the thread used for this shirt is one of the 1o4 Mettler thread spools that I won in Burdastyle’s Holiday Giveaway. They are really a dream to sew with! I’ve used them for various projects and still have lots of unused spools. It will take years to use them all!

Shot cotton shirt Shot cotton shirt


Three red shirts

After the shirt is finished, I just realized that my husband already has two orange red shirts! The other two are store-bought though. Gladly, he still loves this new one, I guess he really likes the color red. My husband told me that he was wrapped in a red blanket when he was taken home from the hospital where he was born, and maybe that is why he likes red. Hmm… I guess so. Anyway, note to myself: do not make more red shirts while these three still last!

Shirt pattern is Negroni from Colette patterns.
Fabric is Persimmon shot cotton from Pink Castle Fabrics.
Tutorial for sleeve hem detail at Handmade by Carolyn.

Men’s Jeans

Pumila Men Pumila Men
I finally finished my husband’s jeans! It seems that everyone has finished their jeans, and Peter has even gone to another adventure in making pajama and playing with his serger. But it is still May, so I guess I’m not too far behind the sew-along…. (^_^;)

Pumila Men

Wearable muslin

The pattern is Men’s Jeans from Pumila, a Japanese pattern shop. If you still remember my muslin, this is my problem with this jeans pattern. There are a bit of pulling and wrinkles around the back crotch area. I have no experience in fitting pants (I only made dresses!), so I really had no clue what to do about it. It seems that a lot of my husband’s pants also have this problem.

I examined several of his pants that have less of this problem, and compared it to the muslin. It turned out that the Pumila pattern has straighter curves than the other pants. My husband is a bit prominent around the bottom area, so that might be the problem.

I added more curves around the back crotch and length on the ‘fork’ area. The crotch is also lowered a bit because it seems too high in the muslin. And maybe that was causing the wrinkles?

Other alterations made were per my husband’s requests: making bigger back pockets and changing the straight shape to a slight bootcut by decreasing the knee around 1 cm all around and added about 2 cm to the width of the hem. I also changed the front pockets to jean’s style instead of slanted pockets like the original pattern and made button fly instead of zipper fly. I used this helpful tutorial on Peter’s blog on how to make button fly.

The fabric was found in a little fabric store near my house. It sat on a dusty shelves with lots of various fabrics. This is a small store owned by an old couple, so it’s not a chainstore. The fabric was less than 10 USD for the whole pants. I thought I can use it as a muslin if it was not a good denim, but after it was sewed and finished, it looks so good!

The alterations I made seem to work out, no more pulling and wrinkles! My husband really liked the jeans when I showed it to him last night. The fit was good and he said they were really comfortable. He liked them so much that he wanted to wear them this morning to the office, so I hemmed the jeans rightaway. He already asked for another pair of jeans. I’m very happy!
Pumila Men Pumila Men

Pumila Men Pumila Men

Pumila Men Pumila Men

I use the selvedge area for waistband to avoid bulk, but at the end I think it doesn’t look too good. Next time I will fold the seam allowance under like in RTW jeans. The topstitching thread is special thread for jeans, made in Japan. It is not as thick as topstitching thread in RTW jeans, my machine has no problem handling it. I love the contrast between the burnt orange against the dark denim.

Pumila Men Pumila Men

A bit of red on the back pocket. The pocket lining is quilting cotton with newspaper print.

Pattern is Men’s jeans from Pumila (paper pattern), altered a bit.

PS: Thank you for all the comments in my previous post! Still can’t believe that I won, the top I made is so simple! Rae just sent me email this morning, informing of these prizes that I won. Oooohhh! (^O^) (+_+)

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