How to buy from Full of Patterns website

Hello! Several people have expressed interest in Full of Patterns, so I asked them if it is possible for people living outside Japan to purchase the PDF patterns. They replied immediately and sent these step-by-step screen captions with English explanations (in red) on how to order. It might be a bit of a hassle, but their patterns are good so it is worth to try. I have made several patterns from them that you can see here.

Full of Patterns sells patterns in paper and PDF version but you can only purchase the PDF patterns from outside Japan. They seem to focus more on menswear pattern with on-trend styles: selvedge jeans, sarouel pants, jackets etc. There are also kidswear, which mostly are the kids version of their menswear patterns, and a bit of womenswear.

Several things to note:

  • – The patterns are in Japanese. There are a couple of diagrams but not a full step by step instructions. But I believe if you are an experienced sewer, you won’t have too many problems. Some of the patterns, like drawstring pants, are easy and are suitable for beginners.
  • – The patterns are not multi-size, you have to choose your size before purchasing. They also sell multi-size patterns but of course more expensive.
  • – Because it is only one size, they can show both the stitching lines and the seam allowances.
  • – The payment option is by credit card.
  • – I find it very helpful to browse the site using Google translate extension on Chrome.



1. Go to the Full of Patterns website, or you can click one of the options below.


2. Browse the patterns and choose ones that you like. This is an example page of the pattern. See the four columns with the title on blue background? The first one is size chart and finished measurements. The second one is some example of the instruction pages. The third one is the pattern pieces. The fourth one is an example of the pattern in actual size.

Follow the instructions in red.


3. This is your shopping cart. You can continue shopping or go to checkout.


4. You can register as a member but it is not necessary to buy the patterns. They do give points that you can collect and use for the next purchase if you choose to be a member.


5. Fill your information in this page. Your payment option is only by credit card. For the telephone number, postcode, and address, put the ones as shown in this screen caption.


6. Review your order.


7. Go to the credit card information page.


8. Done! They will send order confirmation to your email in Japanese, you don’t have to do anything with the email so don’t worry. The link to download the pattern will be sent to your email in 1-2 days.

Good luck!

PS: I’m not affiliated with Full of Patterns and just sharing the information that they gave me.

Selvedge men’s jeans – Full of Patterns 07

Men Men

Sometime ago I posted that I wanted to make a pair of  selvedge jeans for my husband and have started making the muslin. It turned out that ‘sometime ago’ meant 8 months ago! Yikes. The good news is, the jeans are finally finished now! And actually it only took me two days to make them, just in time for my husband’s 44th birthday!



Citron jeans denim kit no. 348

The pattern is Men’s jeans FOP-07 by Full of Patterns, a Japanese pattern shop. The site is completely in Japanese but it wasn’t a big problem as I always use Google translate extension on Chrome to browse and even order things from Japanese sites. This pattern shop offers many great-looking men’s pattern, unfortunately they don’t seem to cater for international customers. The FOP-07 is a basic 5-pocket denim pants with straight side seams for selvedge denim and straight legs.

The denim fabric is from another Japanese shop, Citron jeans. This shop sells raw denim, buttons, and all the knick-knacks for sewing your own selvedge jeans.

Citron jeans also sells denim kit in a box, containing raw denim for one pair of jeans, pocket lining fabric, uncut belt loops, zipper or button fly, red ribbon tab, and brown paper label. I bought Denim kit no.348 with button fly, the fabric is 13.5 oz raw denim with red ear (selvedge).

I’m not really a fan of making buttonholes on denim fabric so I love that there are kits like these. The kit that I chose is recommended for beginner as the fabric is soft and easy to sew. I also bought topstitching threads, rivets, and donut buttons from this shop.

In my first post about this jeans, I have made a muslin. But then I didn’t seem able to locate it! I didn’t want to postpone this project any longer so I decided to just cut into the fabric. What can go wrong anyway??

Once they were cut, I felt more relaxed and started to enjoy making the jeans. One of the joy of making jeans is making the details: the color of topstitching threads, the shape of the topstitching on the pockets and fly, the button or zipper fly, the button, rivets, and bar tacks etc. For this jeans, I use rust colored topstitching and copper colored rivets and button.

Men Men

The back yoke and back pockets are lined with Japanese pattern cotton fabric. The opening of the front pockets are reinforced with cotton twill tape. The selvedge is used on the coin pocket opening and the waistband edge, and of course the side seams. I also changed the shape of the coin pocket and use button fly instead of zipper fly. Here is a tutorial on making a button fly by Peter at Male Pattern Boldness.

Men Men

Men Men
I ended up making my own belt loops because the one from Citron jeans use yellow topstitching. My least favorite part about making this jeans was the topstitching on the waistband. I wasn’t able to make neat lines because the denim was quite thick. Usually I would unpick such wiggly topstitching but I was afraid to ruin my sewing machine with all the thick layers so I had to resign to these unsightly lines.

I also had trouble installing the donut button and had to try several times until I got them somewhat okay. Maybe I should use one of those hand pressed button tool. Tack buttons are easier to install, I usually use Prym jeans button but the options are limited. Nothing as beautiful as these copper colored button!

Men Men

I also made the T-shirt by the way. The pattern is Strathcona Henley by Thread Theory, the T-shirt variation. It is a great basic Men’s T-shirt with slim fiitting lines. The fabric is striped merino wool fabric, you might remember the same fabric in my SJ tee post. Now my husband and I can wear matching handmade tee and jeans (if we want).

Men Men
Men Men
Sorry for posting so many pictures! This is one of my favorite project that I wouldn’t be able to make more often. I’m afraid I would ruin my sewing machine stitching layers of denim fabrics. Maybe someday I can buy an industrial sewing machine that can be dedicated to making jeans.

Here is a couple more pictures of my husband taking no pleasure in male modelling. Happy birthday my love! I love you forever (♥_♥)
Men Men

Jeans pattern is Mens’s jeans FOP-07 by Full of Patterns (PDF in Japanese), size L. How to buy from Full of Patterns.
T-shirt pattern is Strathcona Henley by Thread Theory, size M.

Selvedge men’s jeans: in progress

Muslin for my husband

I’m making another jeans for my husband! This time I want to make him a pair of selvedge jeans using jeans kit that I bought from Citron Jeans. Selvedge jeans has straight outseam that utilizes the selvedge of the fabric. The denim fabric used usually has contrasting color of warp on both edges.

I have made him several jeans for my husband before using Pumila pattern and Kwik Sew 3504. Unfortunately they are not for selvedge jeans. Maybe I should take the opportunity to learn more about drafting a proper selvedge jeans but hey there’s an easier way! So I ordered this jeans pattern from a Japanese pattern shop, Full of Pattern.

Since I didn’t want to just cut into my precious selvedge denim, I made a proper muslin for the jeans. Here they are waiting for my husband to try them on. I’m quite excited with this project and want to take it really slow this time. I love making jeans, it is a big project each time. Not just about the sewing, the topstitching, the rivets, the stitching details, every step is exhilarating!


Sewing in 2013

Can’t you believe that it is already the end of the year again??

As usual I love to put together all things that I have sewn in one post to see how I have been doing this year. Some pieces got worn a lot, and some don’t get much wearing time. I think it helps me to see what I should be making next or what kind of style that I’m into at this moment.

For myself: tops, pants, skirt, a coat, a bathing suit, and as usual more dresses!
Velvet Tiramisu Dress Butterick 5601 Robson coat Scout woven tee and Moss skirt McCall Pineapple dress (Vogue 8901) Bombshell swimsuit Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351) Shweshwe Hazel dress Garnet tops Garnet tops Garnet tops Jamie jeans Laurie tee Zebra print lady skater

Lingerie: Still continuing my journey in lingerie-making. I also made a corset!

Lace Racerback Bralette Here Kitty Kitty lingerie setBaby blue gingham setPink set

Push-up longline bra Strapless bra

Nude and black slip Red plaid set Dotty red set

For Sidra: Not too many, mostly pants  because it seems that he is growing in such a fast rate nowadays. I made him a jacket every autumn, and this year it is a cape per his request.

Checker print shirt Green corduroy sarouel Grey sarouel Banana cut pants Denim knee-length pants Shweshwe Sarouel Boy tee and dog hoodie

For my husband: Err… just a pair of jeans so here’s a single big photo of the jeans (-_-;) He recently asked for a long-sleeved T-shirt so maaaybe I can make one before the end of the year (which is tonight??).


For the dogs: We started to foster dog this year so I have another one to sew for! I love making pet clothes as they are small and such perfect projects for recycling old clothes. When the dogs got adopted, they got to take the clothes with them so I can sew for the next foster. One of the happiest news this year is that we finally adopted one of the foster!

Dog onesies Dog onesies

Also: a yoga mat bag for my sister in law.

Yoga mat bag

I finally got a pixie haircut after negotiating with Sidra for 6 years. Although it is not directly sewing-related, but the hair kinda affects my choice for the next sewing projects. Maybe it shouldn’t have to, but I can’t help thinking if those dresses in my wardrobe still suit my hair or not. I got bored with myself frequently and always tried to make changes, although sometimes subtle, to my appearance. So maybe it is time to explore other style of clothing than what I usually wear in the past. Let’s see what 2014 will bring!

Have a happy holiday and see you next year!

Men’s jeans (Kwik Sew 3504)

Men Men

Kwik Sew 3504

I made a new pair of jeans for my husband! I usually use Pumila Men’s Jeans pattern (from A Japanese shop, now closed), but I wanted to try other pattern. This is Kwik Sew 3504, from the pattern envelope: “Men’s jeans have fly zipper, waistband with belt carriers, back yoke, back patch pockets, front pockets, a coin pocket, and topstitching detail. View A legs are straight cut and View B are boot cut.” .

Unlike his previous jeans where I made muslin first, this time I just dived into the precious denim with bravery (I don’t like making muslins!). The denim was bought in Okadaya, Shinjuku. It has interesting herringbone pattern that gives the fabric a rather stripy texture. I cut view B, the boot cut, in size M without alteration at all.

The rivets are from a Japanese online shop, Citron Jeans. I’m very happy to find this shop because it means I don’t have to spend a hefty amount for shipping fee if I bought them from overseas. Of course I can buy them in Shinjuku, but a trip there means 1-2 hours train trip. My package from Citron Jeans reached me just one day after I placed the order. They also have jeans making kit with enough fabric for one pair of jeans, belt loops, zipper or button fly, label, and tag. I bought one kit for my husband’s next pair. The site is entirely in Japanese, but Google translate make everything better!

Back to Kwik Sew 3504! I’ve read the reviews that praise the instructions, and they are indeed very good! I especially love the zipper fly instructions, it’s a bit different that I usually do but so easy. I will make my fly this way from now on.
Men Men

The fit is spot on. I’m very happy with it because I did a lot of alteration when I made his first jeans with Pumila pattern. My husband said this is the most comfortable jeans he had ever wear. Of course it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. I noticed that the Kwik Sew pattern has more curves around the crotch than the Pumila one, so it is just that my husband’s body type is more suitable with Kwik Sew than Pumila.

Making jeans is kind of a big project for me with the thick fabric, pants fly, the topstiching details, rivets and button, but I really like it! I enjoy concentrating on all the details and feel myself immersed. I also found out that I love sewing with non-stretch thick denim like this but I prefer to wear stretch jeans for myself. For my self satisfaction, I’ve already planned to make another pair for my husband. Isn’t it great? I look like a devoted wife putting all the her time and energy into her husband’s pair of jeans while actually I’m just enjoying myself! \(^_^)/

Men Men Men Men

Pattern is Kwik Sew 3504 view B, size M.

Anyway, this is how his Pumila jeans look right now after two years of wearing. I like all those fade marks!

Pumila Men Pumila Men Pumila jeans, 2 years later Pumila jeans, 2 years later

2012: The sewing year

It’s that time of the year again!

All things that I have sewed in 2012:

For me: Several tops, pants, skirts and lots of dresses. My style has shifted a lot from the recent days of this blog, this year I didn’t make a single thing for me from my Japanese pattern books. I guess it’s time to find a better place for them and make rooms for more sewing patterns!

Violet Vogue 1250 Pistachio green coat Renfrew top Renfrew top Pink Pendrell and Zebra print Kasia Splotches dress (Vogue 1285 Denim pants (Evan - Tamanegi Kobo) Banksia top and Iris shorts Cambie dress Grey Mission Maxi Starry Mission Maxi dress Orange dress (Vogue 8313) Chevron jersey dress (Vogue 8728) Hearts silk dress (Vogue 1288) Green Pastille dress Peplum top and ankle-length jeans Red silk dress (Simplicity 2281) Houndstooth pants - wearable muslin (Vogue 2948) Hollyburn skirt Vogue 2948

Lingerie: Still passionate about making bra and finding the perfect fit! I finally bought The Bra-Makers Manual (the CD version) and have been learning a lot from it. 2013 will certainly see a lot more of better fitting bra and lingerie for me.

Spring flowers set Red lace set nani IRO lingerie set

Black lingerie set Blue and white lace set Striped bra set

For Sidra: Unfortunately I didn’t make him as many stuff as previous years. Sidra likes clothes and loves to look good in them, but his style is developing to be quite different than mine. I think it is a good thing though, he is now a little man who clearly knows what he wants to wear. Once a while we could work together where I made something that he’s proud to wear and I enjoyed making, like this Thriller jacket! It is one of my master piece.

Dropped crotch jersey pants Jersey pants Boys

For my husband: I swear I didn’t neglect him! But once a man has several nice fitting shirts and pants, what more can you make for him?

Grey hoodie (McCall


5 Most-worn Items:

Side pleats dress (Butterick 5672) Splotches dress (Vogue 1285) Cambie dress Green Pastille dress Jeans

  • Side pleats dress (Butterick 5672). When it was just finished, I wasn’t too sure that I would wear it a lot, it looks like a sculpture. But it turned out to be one of the most worn dress this year. It is such a comfortable dress that hugs my body in all the right places. The double knit wool is beautiful and the color is fabulous. It’s my favorite dress this year and probably ever!
  • Splotches dress (Vogue 1285). Pretty and comfortable dress. Easy to wear. Looks good all the time. What more could I want? I wore this dress so much last spring.
  • Cambie dress. The combination between the pattern, the fabric weight and the style of the dress is just perfect. Not to mention that it is comfortable to wear and has pockets.
  • Green Pastille dress. I had a lot of difficulties making this pattern to fit me that I thought I would hate the dress once it was done. But it turned out looking so cute and comfortable to wear!
  • Ankle-length jeans (Butterick 5682). Simply because I don’t have any other pants in my wardrobe. Next year I shall make more jeans!

Clearly, comfortable is the key word. Also, maybe I should change my nickname to verygreenperson….

5 Never Worn Items:

Hot pink Pendrell Blouse Zebra print Kasia Banksia top Iris shorts Orange dress (Vogue 8313)

  • Pink Pendrell. This is my third Pendrell and I really love this pattern, but the hot pink is just too bright for me to wear comfortably.
  • Zebra print Kasia. I omitted the pockets in this version of Kasia. Big mistake. Now when the skirt rides up, I can’t put my hands in the pockets to pull the skirt down. Apparently this tiny detail is enough to make me not feeling comfortable in it.
  • Banksia top. Entirely my fault in choosing the fabric. It is just too thin and vulnerable.
  • Iris shorts. Same mistake as above. The cotton twill wrinkles too easily.
  • Orange dress (Vogue 8313). The dress is very pretty but as you might guess, the low back with bow is not very practical for my lifestyle. Maybe if I’m a more social person with lots of cocktail parties to attend….

I hope you had a lot of fun too in 2012! Cheers to you and here’s to a new year with more handmade items with love!

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