very orange person

very orange person
Now that I know that Japanese knitting needles size are different than US needles, I finally use them for my first ‘proper’ knitting!

My husband likes the color orange and he wants a scarf with stripes of orange on it, so I made it with these super bulky orange and beige yarn and JP15/6.6 mm knitting needles. The yarn is a mix of nylon and wool and it has different widths on it, creating some interesting bumpy texture to the scarf. I knitted it in simple stockinette stitches, so the scarf kinda rolls into a tube.

To complement the scarf, I also made a hat with Noro yarn and JP8/4.5 mm double-pointed needles. The yarn is a mix of wool, mohair, and silk and has some kind of rough texture on it that I really like.

My husband loves his orange stuffs, and I think I might borrow them once in a while.

Hat pattern is Turn A Square by Jared Flood, found from Ravelry.

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